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Symbolic & Religious

Symbolic & Religious

Looking for Symbolic flags, then look no further than The Flag Shop. We have a great range of Religious flags to choose from with our range consisting of designs including the Christian flag displaying the cross in the canton, as well as colourful Buddhist flags and the Sikh flag.
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Religious and Symbolic flags for sale at

The world is full of different religions, cultures and beliefs, making each person unique and interesting. From Christianity to Buddhism, Catholicism to Sikhism, we have a flag to suit every colourful and symbolic religion.

Christianity is an iconic religion, often represented by a simple cross. Based on the life teachings of Jesus Christ, Christianity is the world’s largest religion with over 2.4 billion followers, that’s 32% of the global population. If you’re looking for a Christianity flag, we have several designs available in various sizes and styles.

The classic Christianity flag is a simple design; a red cross in a dark blue box, located in the top left hand corner of a white background. The red of the cross represents Christ’s blood, with white to represent purity and the blue of royalty. This simple design looks great printed onto high quality polyester.

We also stock other Christian flag designs, many of which depicting Jesus Christ. Great for using around religious festivals such as Easter and Christmas, these high quality flags make ideal decorations. The Jesus Loves You Flag is a bright and vibrant design, while we also stock a range of more subtle portrait flags. Our subtle Christian flags come in a range of designs, including Virgin Mary, Jesus and Angel with Girl.

Another flag which contains the Christianity symbol is the Coexist flag, which represents peace and unity of religions around the world. This universal image of harmony contains the symbol of all worldly religions, representing them coming together and living in peace.

The design itself contains two black stripes with a blue stripe in the centre, depicting religious symbols from around the world. The name Coexist is spelled out with each symbol, starting with the ‘C’ of the Islamic crescent to the ‘T’ of the Christian cross. Show your support for beliefs around the world by buying a Coexist flag from The Flag Shop.

One of the most vibrant and vivid religious flags is that of Buddhism. First hoisted in Sri Lanka in 1885, this colourful flag has since grown to become a symbol of peace. The six colours of the flag represent the colours of the aura which Buddha emanated when sat under the Bodhi tree when being enlightened. The high quality polyester used in Flag Shop flags are great for maintaining vivid colours. If you’re looking to purchase a Buddhism flag, buy flags from The Flag Shop.

The Sikh flag, also known as the Nishan Sahib, is seen flying outside of every Sikh temple. The saffron coloured design features a large Khanda emblem in the centre, which is similar to the Cross for Christians or the Star of David for Jews.