Manchester Gay Pride Flags

Manchester Pride is one of the biggest events in the city's calendar. Hundreds will flock to the centre on August bank holiday to show their support for the LGBT community. You can add colour and pride to the parades and shows by waving a vibrant pride flag, available in a range of designs to represent each sub-culture of the LGBT community.
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  1. LGBT table flag
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  2. Transgender Table Flag
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  3. LGBT Triangular Bunting
    Rainbow LGBT Triangular Bunting
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  4. LGBT Bunting
    Gay Pride (Rainbow) Bunting
  5. Asexual Table Flag
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  6. Bi Pride Table Flag
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  7. Pansexual Table Flag
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Manchester Pride, which falls on August Bank Holiday, is a weekend bookmarked in everyone’s diary…The annual festival celebrates Manchester’s LGBT culture and life, attracting thousands of visitors to the city while allowing the gay community to express their identity.

From Friday August 26 to Monday August 29, the city will be brought to life with colour and excitement - and what better way to show your support for this fabulous occasion than with a Flag Shop gay pride flag...

We have a huge range of LGBT flags available, from the iconic rainbow Freedom Flag to unique designs such as the pink Union Jack, you won’t be disappointed by the bright, vivid colours represented on high quality polyester. The Fairytale themed suaray already boasts an amazing line up, including; Will Young, Katy B, Fleur East, and many more.

We have a range of fun flags to express yourself at Manchester Pride this August; the pink skull with bandana flag and the born this way flag are both Flag Shop best sellers.

The rainbow flag is a common symbol at pride events, and Manchester Pride is no exception. The bright and vivid Freedom Flag is a popular image of LGBT events. Created by artist Gilbert Baker all the way back in 1978, this is one of the original symbols of gay pride.

Why not consider a hand waving Freedom flag to show your support at Manchester Pride this year? The high quality polyester makes each individual colour pop, there’s no better way to express your pride than with a Flag Shop flag…

Pride events take place to promote equal rights and dignity in the LGBT community; opposing shame and social stigma - what better way to fight against discrimination than with a rainbow peace flag? The iconic rainbow design is topped with a vivid white peace slogan to convey a message of peace at Manchester Pride.


If you can’t make it to Manchester Pride, why not throw your own party and decorate with some Giant Gay Pride Rainbow Bunting, perfect for adding a splash of pride and colour to any house or garden party.

Along with the traditional rainbow flag, there are loads of flags to represent each subculture of the LGBT community. From pansexual to bisexual, bears and transgender, we have a range of flags to help you show your support at this year’s Manchester Pride. If you want to express transgender pride at Manchester Pride, our transgender flags are printed on to the highest quality polyester, which allow colours to shine brightly.

The transgender flag is an iconic design, created in 1999 by Monica Helms, a transgender woman from Arizona. The traditional light colours are symbolic, baby blue for boys and baby pink for girls, with a white stripe in the centre for those who are transitioning or don’t identify as either gender. The pattern is cleverly created so no matter which way it’s flown, it is always correct.

Manchester Pride consists of the main line up events, a parade and a vigil to remember those affected by HIV. You can show your support at Manchester Pride with a flag. We also stock the rainbow design in country flags; show pride in your country with the rainbow Union Jack flag, or remember those from the Chicago nightclub attack with a rainbow USA flag


Another gay subculture represented at Manchester Pride is the International Bear Brotherhood, their flag is another recognisable design. The brown hues of this flag stand out due to the vivid paw print in the top right. The natural tones represent the colour of animals fur. Show your support for bears at Manchester Pride with this flag!

At The Flag Shop we have a range of flags to represent each subculture of the LGBT community. From therubber pride flag to the leather flag and the BDSM flag as well as the asexual flag, all of these vivid colour look amazing printed onto high quality polyester.

Windsocks are a great alternative to flags, coming to life with the slightest breeze. To celebrate Manchester Pride, we have rainbow turbo spin socks in a range of sizes. The bright rainbow design looks fabulous fluttering in the wind, a perfect addition to any pride celebration.