Plain Unprinted

Plain Unprinted

A great plain flag selection available. Plain flags available include the red flag, white flag, black flag and green flag. This great unprinted flag range measure five feet by three feet and have two eyelets for hanging. Get your unprinted flags here.
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  1. Red Table flag
    Plain Red Table flag Budget
  2. Orange Table flag
    Plain Orange Table flag Budget
  3. Purple Bunting
    Plain Purple Bunting
  4. Blue Table flag
    Plain Blue Table flag Budget
  5. White Table flag
    Plain White Table flag Budget
  6. Blue Bunting
    Plain Blue Bunting
  7. Red Bunting
    Plain Red Bunting
  8. White Bunting
    Plain White Bunting
  9. Yellow Table flag
    Plain Yellow Table flag Budget
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Need a unprinted standard flag? has the flags for you

Looking to create a flag of your own? Buy an unprinted flag from The Flag Shop today!

Whether it’s to track down your tent at a festival or maybe wave your team to glory in a school sports day, the uses if plain unprinted coloured flags is endless…

At The Flag Shop, we have a wide range of colours available for you to choose from. We currently stock flags in; red, white, black, blue, purple, green, pink, orange and yellow. No matter what flag colour you end up buying, you won’t be disappointed by the quality polyester it’s made from.

Each vivid flag measures 5ft x 3ft, which is a traditional size for most flags. We also stock other styles and designs, including square bunting, triangle bunting and hand waving flags.

If you’re looking to decorate a party or maybe a children’s den, bunting makes a great addition. Triangle bunting is traditional, often decorating garden and street parties across the country. Bunting also makes a great permanent decoration, adding a feminine fun touch wherever it’s placed. We stock two metallic shades of classic triangle bunting in silver and gold. You can purchase this high quality polyester bunting for less than £15 for 12 metres, which contains 28 triangular flags.

At The Flag Shop, we also stock loads of colours in square bunting; from warm hues such as yellow and orange to cooler blues and greens, you’ll find a shade of bunting to suit you. Each set of contains 20 flags sewn on top strong polyester tape which measures 6 metres. Each flag is made from the highest quality polyester, for ultimate quality.

If you’re planning a team event, why not buy a coloured hand waving flag to cheer on your team? We have a range of high quality polyester hand waving flags for you to enjoy and show your support.

We stock hand waving flags in various colours, including; red, white, purple, pink, yellow, blue, black, orange, white and green. No matter what your favourite colour, The Flag Shop has you covered. So, if you’re planning on buying a coloured flag for any occasion, The Flag Shop is the number one place to buy flags thanks to the amazing quality of our products.