Fun/Festival Flags

Fun/Festival Flags

If you’re heading to one of Britain’s vibrant festivals this summer; check out our massive range of fun festival flags to help you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s Glastonbury, Bloodstock, V Festival or BoomTown, don’t forget to wave a flag to get yourself noticed!
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    Have a nice day Matey flag
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Fan of festivals? flags for sale at

If you brave the mud each year to revel in the amazing atmosphere a festival brings, we have a range of flags for you! Whether you’re on the front line of the crowd or watching comfortably from home, it’s hard to not notice the army of flags being waved ecstatically in the extensive crowds.

At The Flag Shop, we have an extensive range of fun festival flags to help you stand out. If you’re lost and can’t find friends or looking to get spotted by your favourite acts, a flag is guaranteed to get you found!

From smiley faces to pirate flags and everything in between, we have tonnes of styles on offer to suit every taste. Similar to festivals, there are many different styles and genres of flag design - let’s start with a few flags for all those lovers of rock music…

Download, Bloodstock and Reading are amongst the most popular rock festivals in the country, why not try our Punks Not Dead Flag to show your dedication to such a definitive genre? The unique script on this flag is instantly recognisable, with a Union Jack background to link it to the punk revolution of the 70s and 80s. The bright colours look amazingly vibrant printed onto high quality polyester. Our high quality flags at affordable prices are excellent value for money, they’ll serve you for years to come.

Love and peace flags are popular choice for festivals, often seen flying high amongst the crowds. The peace symbol is used across many cultures and contexts after first being designed back in the 50s, just after World War Two. Create peace and harmony at any upcoming festival with our CND Peace Flag - the light blue background is appealing and peaceful, great for helping you stand out while still emanating a feeling of calm around your camp.

Drinking is obviously a massive part of festivals, so what better way to help you track down your tent than with a Beer Flag? If you’re a firm fan of drinking, invest in a beer flag for a humorous addition to your camping area. The simple flag design with beer jug in the centre is made from the highest quality polyester. The 5ft x 3ft beer flag has eyelets included so you can fly it from a flagpole easily, and for only £7.99, this flag is great value. Smiley face flags are a common sight at festivals, usually because of their vibrant yellow colouring which is ideal for getting yourself noticed. We have a range of smiley face flag designs on offer, from hand waving flags to bunting and large 8ft x 5ft flag designs, you’ll find what you’re looking for at The Flag Shop. The Smiley Face Acid Flag is popular due to the vivid yellow being backed onto deep black for a vibrant, recognisable design. Add happiness to any upcoming festival with a large smiley face banner, measuring 3ft x 8ft this long design will help you stand out from the crowd with ease.

We also stock a range of rainbow flags for festivals and pride events. From the American flag to rainbow smile hand waving flags and the rainbow ying yang banner, we have a range of rainbow flags available.

If you’re a store owner trying to advertise your sale more, we have a range of sale flags in various sizes. A sale is often recognisable due to a simple red and white design, many high street stores often opt for the traditional colour scheme. We sell sale flags in 5ft x 3ft, 3ft x 2ft and bunting.