Military Flags

Are you looking for a flag for Armed Forces Day or just wanting something to show you are proud of our military? Don’t worry; at The Flag Shop, we have you covered! We have a range of military flags to suit every occasion. Browse through our collection today to find your favourite.

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Buy Military Flags at The Flag Shop

To show we appreciate everything our military does for us, we have the Support Our Troops Blue 5ft x 3ft Flag. This makes a great display outside any building or for any event, with a blue background, yellow ribbon and the words, ‘We Support our Troops’. The flag is made from a quality polyester material for outdoor use and has two eyelets so you can attach it easily to a flagpole.

If you really want to support the army, we have a huge British Army Giant 8ft Flag available! This flag looks fantastic when it is being flown, with a vibrant red background and army emblem. It measures eight feet by five feet and it has two brass eyelets so you can hang it from a flagpole. We also have a Royal Air Force RAF Nylon Flag, to support our Royal Air Force. This is made from a high quality 210 denier nylon fabric and measures five feet by three feet. In addition, there are two brass grommets for this flag, which makes it easy and quick to attach to a flagpole. What a great way to show your support!

What better way to decorate the streets for parades than with some military bunting? The Blue Ensign Flag Bunting is the best way to line the streets, with its blue field and Union flag in the canton. You can choose between three metre and nine metre lengths, with 10 or 30 flags. Each flag measures six inches by nine inches and is made from quality polyester and sewn onto strong polyester tape. If you are looking for specific regiments, we also have bunting, such as the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Flag Bunting. This features the cap badge of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards on a vibrant blue background and is sure to stand out at any event. You can choose between three metres or nine metre lengths, which contains 10 or 30 flags.

If you are attending an event and want to join in the occasion, check out the Royal Marines Hand Waving Flag. This features the colourful Royal Marines flag on a durable polyester material and it comes complete with a sturdy wooden stick for all ages to join in the celebration.

Since Armed Forces Day is a special day of the year where we can show our support for our troops, why not proudly display a flag for the occasion? We have the Armed Forces 3ft x 2ft Flag Pack, which allows you to fly a flag for everyone.  This contains the British Army flag, Royal Air Force flag, Royal Navy White Ensign, Union Flag and the Armed Forced Day flag. Each of these flags have vivid colours printed onto a quality polyester, which can be flown during all weather conditions. The flags measure three feet by two feet and have two brass eyelets, which makes them easy to fly up high on a flagpole. When you are joining in the parade, you can also choose the Armed Forced Day Hand Waving Flag. This boasts the Armed Forces Day flag and measures 18 inches by 12 inches and comes complete with a sturdy wooden stick.

Show your support for all regiments of our military, with one of our great military flags from The Flag Shop! As your number one supplier of quality flags, we have an extensive collection so there is the perfect flag for everyone and for every occasion.