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Kurdistan Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Buy stunning, great value Kurdistan Table Flags from The Flag Shop and liven up your dining room or office! With an array of wonderful sizes and designs to choose from, you’ve got all you need to put your nation’s colours on show anywhere you want to make an impact. We’ve got high-grade polyester table flags that look brilliant in casual venues, and upmarket satin table flags for special events and professional settings–get decorating today!

The Flag Shop’s Budget Kurdistan Table Flags have a huge range of uses both indoors and out of doors, starting with desk markers in classrooms to decorating giant venues like concert halls, wedding receptions, and more! These brightly coloured table flags are printed digitally using our top-quality flag imaging software, giving you a lifetime’s worth of value without unsightly tearing, tattering, or fraying. Proudly patriotic Kurdistani decorations for hotels, restaurants, corporate meetings, and sports bars, these high-grade flags are made from 115 gsm woven polyester fabric. Each is set on a plastic stand (black, 12 inches) and comes with a lightweight yet sturdy plastic base. Use them to draw in the crowds when you’re showing a football match or hosting a party with a Kurdistan theme; with our Multi Buy Discount, you can pep up even the most gigantic of venues on a budget!

Looking for something a little more silky smooth? Look no further than The Flag Shop’s popular Satin Kurdistan Table Flags, a must for Nowruz, New Years, Liberation Day, and more! 

Our light and durable Satin Kurdistan Table Flags display the horizontal red, white, and green stripes in hi-resolution and vivid run-resistant flag dyes. Each flag is 6 inches (~15 cm) by 9 inches (22 cm) and printed in colourfast, high-visibility inks for a vibrant, exciting finish! These can be paired with any of the like-sized Satin Table Flags in our huge collection to enjoy a discounted rate on bulk orders for Olympics advertising, sponsored events, diplomatic meetings, and more. All Kurdistani Satin Table Flags can also be paired with our optional 2, 3, or 4-hole chrome bases, which click easily into a telescoping chrome flagpole that stretches from 10 to 18 inches. 

After more bright and exciting ways to show off your Kurdistani pride? Start with The Flag Shop’s popular Kurdistan Flag Bunting and make waves for your favourite team at the World Cup qualifiers! Or signpost your business with our 5 ft by 3 ft Kurdistan Flag for any flagpole!