Romania Table Flags

Looking for patriotic Romania Table Flags to brighten up your celebration table? Want to stand behind your national team for big matches, or during The Olympics? With our brightly coloured Romania Table Flags, you can create stunning displays of red, yellow, and blue and show off your roots in style. Our great value Romania flags are perfect for decorating anytime, anywhere, in your business, home, or at meetings.

There’s a place on every Romanian dinner table for The Flag Shop’s beautiful Budget Romania Table Flag! Our cost-effective, high-quality little table topper gives you all the freedom to decorate in patriot colours, your way. On national holidays, religious occasions, or festive events such as baptisms, weddings, and parties, our Budget Romania Table Flag makes an excellent decoration in vivid blue, yellow, and red. Featuring the official Romanian national flag on a polyester 6 inch by 4 inch (15 cm by 10 cm) template, our colourful table flags come on a plastic pole and sit securely on a lightweight base. Popular as place markers in meetings, in classrooms, and in window displays during sports events, these long-lasting flags stand 30 cm (12 inches) tall. If you’re throwing a Romania-themed concert, gathering, or community get-together, these lightweight wavers can be arranged as stylish features in the centre of your mantlepiece, table, or window. Or you can jazz up your desk at work, school, or home with a cascade of proud Romanian national colours!

The Flag Shop’s Satin Romania Table Flags are ideal for elegant affairs, like diplomatic conventions, Model United Nations meetings, business meetings, and formal celebrations such as weddings and reunions! A stylish step up from our Budget Romania Table Flags, there are a wealth of creative decorating possibilities with our sleek, sophisticated wavers. Satin Romania Table Flags are printed in high resolution for a stunning photo-quality finish, and use colourfast dyes to keep your flag looking bright, bold, and eye-catching. Set on a telescoping chrome pole that can be ordered with 2, 3, or 4 hole bases, these larger table flags make a bigger, brighter visual impact with a 9 x 6 inch (22 cm x 15 cm) template. Satin Table Flags can be combined at varying heights between 10 and 18 inches to create eye-catching focal pieces on your dinner table, or used as stylishly simple desk ornaments and placeholders at official or corporate events. Your bright, vibrant, and hard-wearing Satin Romania Table Flags can even be combined with other Satin Table Flags for a Multi-Buy Discount rate during the Olympics, World Cup, and other popular sporting events!

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