Bulgaria Table Flags

Make any venue look fabulous with The Flag Shop’s best-selling Bulgaria Table Flags! Our flags are the best way to throw a truly memorable Bulgaria-themed party or advertise your local products. With our affordable array of polyester and satin templates, you can create placeholders, centrepieces, tabletop decorations, and visual merchandising displays in moments. We ship for free across the UK and offer worldwide postage on all our Bulgaria Table Flags. There’s no excuse not to get patriotic anywhere!

Our fantastic value Budget Bulgaria Table Flags can be used as brightly coloured decorations on any flat surface. From school desks for classroom projects to your personal workspace in the office! These are cost-effective answers to theming any venue for sports events and national holidays; each flag can be displayed alone as a placeholder or combined with other flags for a unique visual impact. Budget Bulgaria Table Flags are made from high-quality polyester knit with a strength of 115 gsm that prevents unsightly fraying or tearing. Every flag is printed using run-resistant dyes, and the official Bulgarian standard is printed in high-resolution for a crisp image that lasts.

Looking for the best way to greet a foreign colleague? Keen to show your Bulgarian pride off in a formal setting like an expo or meeting? Satin Bulgaria Table Flags are our top-of-the-range table adornments, larger than our budget table flags and printed on high-calibre satin for a shiny look and feel. These professional table flags look right at home in your office or shop, as well as in formal settings such as restaurants, hotels, and embassies. Each measures 6 inches by 9 inches in size and we offer free, fast UK shipping on your Satin Bulgaria Table Flag and optional base or flagpole. Satin Bulgarian flagpoles are a lightweight, metallic-looking chrome for a shiny aesthetic, and we offer 2, 3, or 4-hole bases that can be used for a range of visual displays. The more you order, the more you save – so order your Satin Flags in bulk to enjoy The Flag Shop’s Multi Buy discount.

Want to create an international theme for your Olympics party, World Cup celebrations, or even your Model United Nations meeting? The Flag Shop’s Table Flags can be combined with similar polyester or satin flags to save you even more on your order. Why not get a table flag for all your favourite football teams?

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