Palestine Table Flags

Get your favourite team to go for gold at the Olympics, by cheering them on this summer with The Flag Shop’s Palestine Table Flags! Whether you’re tuning in from home or decorating your local sports club, you can do so in style with our eye-catching, spirit-lifting table ornaments all over your venue. Our resilient table adornments make exceptional placeholders and promotional decorations, complete with vivid colours and the red, white, green, and black!

Want to make sure your home, shop, business, or school puts on a proper show on occasions of national importance? Decorating with Budget Palestine Table Flags is cheap, fun, and super effective, whatever the celebration! You can use our nifty, great value flags to add a vibrant Palestinian theme to all indoor and outdoor settings, from picnic lunches and information booths at sponsored events to check-ins at rallies, onstage at school assemblies, and anywhere you want to get patriotic. These lively, colourfast flags are digitally printed in flawless hi-resolution imagery onto tear-resistant 115 gsm polyester weave fabric, and come with a mini flagpole so you can simply set up your flag and go. Popular ways to use these 10 cm by 15 cm (4 by 6 inch) flags include mealtime placeholders for guests, point of purchase decorations, or centrepieces in the middle of boardroom tables at meetings. 

With our Satin Palestine Table Flags, your special event can’t help but be noticed by pedestrians, attendees, or shoppers. Great if you’re hosting a promotion or party with a Palestinian theme, they can be used as elegant adornments to add a formal flourish! These are slightly larger flags than our Budget Palestinian Table Flags, measuring 6 inches by 9 inches (15 cm x 22 cm), and have an even classier look with a telescoping chrome flagpole that can be set anywhere between 10 and 18 inches high. By staggering different flag heights and arranging them in a prominent location, you can give any venue an instant patriotic finish! Satin Palestine Table Flags display the black, white, and green horizontal stripes of the official Palestinian standard, with a red triangle at the left edge, all in bright and colourfast digital prints. If you’re planning to decorate a larger event, make sure you take advantage of The Flag Shop’s Multi-Buy Discount, which gives you a cheaper rate for your total order–pair like-sized Satin Table Flags with any design to save even more on your party, meeting, or promotion!

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