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Malta Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Show your Maltese heritage off proudly with your own unique arrangement of Malta Table Flags! Our bright and patriotic Table Flags make spectacular decorations for all kinds of venues, including eye-catching centrepieces and thoughtful dinner table settings. Durable, colourfast, and supplied with flagpoles and bases, our Maltese Table Flags are just what you need to make your events unforgettable.

Wondering how to dress your venue up for a Freedom Day celebration? Or have you got guests coming around to cheer on the Maltese Olympics team? With The Flag Shop’s Budget Malta Table Flags, you can turn any room into an instant party venue! Our Budget Table Flags are compact, lightweight, and require no assembly, making them exceptional last-minute decorations for promotions, advertising, and personal events. 

Budget Malta Table Flags make brilliant placeholders indoors for celebration dinners, or outdoors for a patriotic picnic–each is crafted from professional polyester knit fabric and designed to resist tearing and fraying. Digitally printed in hi-resolution for the most photorealistic colours possible, each flag displays the red and white Malta flag on both sides. Each flag is 15 cm by 10 cm and comes with a 12-inch plastic stand and base.

The Flag Shop’s Satin Malta Table Flags are just what you need for formal events where a Budget Table Flag won’t cut it! These nifty accessories are a quick and easy way to add a touch of glamour and professionalism to venues like hotels, business meetings, and trade shows. If you’re looking for a bigger, brighter way to show off your national heritage, our Satin Flags are digitally printed onto hardy 6-inch by 9-inch satin templates. Each flag comes on a gleaming 10” chrome table stand with a removable chrome base and can be adjusted to 18” in height for more creative displays. Also available with 2-hole, 3-hole, or 4-hole bases, these flags work marvellously as part of creative displays alongside other Malta or World Country Table Flags. 

How about tempting customers to watch the match at your pub with a row of international table flags along the bar? Or a creative arrangement in your shop window? Why not use your Malta Satin Table Flag as a professional table setting for a corporate meeting or mixer?

Our Malta Table Flags can be delivered anywhere in the UK with free shipping. We also deliver worldwide so that you can celebrate your country from anywhere in style!