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Liberia Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Display your Liberian heritage proudly with The Flag Shop’s stunningly vivid Liberia Table Flags. If you’re not sure how to dress up your venue for an event or promotion, our lightweight flags are what you’re missing! We stock polyester Budget Table Flags and Satin Liberia Table Flags for a range of settings and occasions. Find a stunning flag for your special celebrations or stand behind your country’s sports team!

Budget Liberia Table Flags are beautifully bright, polyester flags that will jazz up informal venues in a flash! These affordable accessories are best ordered in bulk and used to dress up dinner tables across restaurants, cafes, or in pubs, clubs, and bistros. If you’re celebrating Liberia’s National Day with friends or family, our lightweight Budget Table Flags make a super-special last-minute decoration.

Each fade- and tear-resistant flag features the Liberian ensign on a 10 cm by 15 cm durable knitted polyester template, displayed on a plastic stand with a ready-to-stand base for tables, mantelpieces, desks, window sills, and more. Use these budget flags to create an unforgettable atmosphere at private parties like birthdays, or promote your Liberian shop or business with an Instagram-worthy window display. Each flag can be flown at 12 inches above a flat surface and packed away for transport or the next big international sporting event!

Fancy a more stately aesthetic? Our Satin Liberia Table Flags couldn’t be more elegant, and are perfect for formal occasions where you want to impress! These silky-smooth table accessories make excellent desk ornaments and brighten up spaces like boardrooms, offices, and reception desks. Each flag is brightly printed in crisp and colourfast red, white, and blue, featuring the Liberian national flag on top-grade satin fabric. At 6 inches by 9 inches (or 22 cm by 15 cm), these larger Liberia flags grab attention, making them ideal accessories for advertising, promotions, and parties as well as private use. You can display each flag on its own telescoping chrome pole (which stretches 8 inches from 10” to 18”) for use as a placeholder, dinner table marker, or guest setting, or arrange your Satin Liberia Table Flag with other national flags using our multi-hole bases. Liberia Satin Table Flags make wonderful decorations at professional events when displayed on tables across the room or when organised into centrepieces for official dinners and meetings. Available with free delivery, these flags can be paired with other Satin Table Flags for a large order discount.