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Indonesia Table Flags available now at The Flag Shop

Put your Indonesian pride on full display with The Flag Shop’s vividly coloured Indonesia Table Flags! These bright, hi-resolution designs make your Papuan, Sumatran, Javanese, or Balinese roots proudly visible on any table, desk, or counter. With our great value lines of polyester and satin Indonesian Table Flags, you can add brightness and a patriotic touch to any event in moments!

The Flag Shop’s durable, colourfast table flags are emblazoned with the horizontal red and white stripes of the official Indonesian flag, printed in photo-quality resolution with dyes that won’t fade with outdoor use. Suitable for year-round use in venues such as pubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels, homes, and the workplace, our hardy table wavers come with stands and flagpoles that allow you to set them up in seconds. 

Our Budget Indonesia Table Flags can give any venue an Indonesian theme on a budget, and look wonderful on restaurant tables, food stalls in the market, or at reception in your hotel. Also convenient for creating window displays during sales, or decorating classrooms for projects, these lightweight but sturdy wavers are printed on tear-resistant 115 gsm polyester. High-quality digital printing techniques are used to display the official Indonesian flag in full detail, and vibrant dyes make your flag stand out from across the room. These compact wavers measure 10 cm by 15 cm and can be ordered with a black plastic stand for erecting the flag on a table or flat surface. If you want to greet important overseas guests, create a fun workplace vibe, or support your national team during an international sports event like The Olympics, our Budget Indonesia Table Flags are ideal for the occasion!

Want to wow a diplomatic guest or decorate for an official boardroom meeting? If a timeless, elegant visual impact is what you’re after, The Flag Shop’s Satin Indonesia Table Flags are the way to go! These swish accessories are printed onto strong satin fabric and have a shiny, silky finished look that sets them apart from our budget flags. Measuring 6 inches by 9 inches or 22 cm by 15 cm, these can be ordered with a telescoping chrome flag pole of 10-18 inches in height. A wonderful way to create patriotic arrangements or spice up your Indonesian decor, these low-price flags are easy to set up and suitable for outdoor use. Order your Indonesian flags alongside our other World Table Flags and unlock The Flag Shop’s Multi-Buy savings for large orders!