Italy Table Flags

Selling Italian gelato, or standing behind your team at the Euros? There are a million wonderful ways to get noticed with The Flag Shop’s patriotic Italy table flags! Available UK-wide with free delivery or worldwide when you order online, our Italian Table Flags are lightweight, colourfast, and long-lasting enough to use year after year. We’ve got hard-wearing 115 gsm polyester Budget Table Flags for cost-effective advertising, and silky-smooth Satin Table Flags to add an immediate taste of Italy to all your parties and celebrations!

The Flag Shop’s stunning Satin Italy Table Flags are beautifully classy ways to feature the official flag of Italy at personal and professional events alike. Formal enough for boardroom meetings, as well as in embassies, hotels, and businesses, these 9-inch by 6-inch satin flags can be used as personal placeholders with no special setup required. Each vividly-coloured red, green, and white Italian flag is lovingly printed using special weather-resistant flag dyes to prevent unwanted fading or bleaching to your tabletop accessories and features the flag in hi-resolution prints for the best possible detail and contrast. Each Satin Italy Table Flag comes on its own stylish chrome stand and can be combined together in groups of 2, 3, or 4 to design special displays such as centrepieces. Perfect for National Day, the World Cup, Euros, Olympics, and more, these affordable Italy table flags can even be combined with our other Satin Table Flags for further savings on your flag order!

Want to get your business noticed in a busy market square, or catch the eyes of potential diners when for your restaurant’s next dinner special? Take your advertising up a notch with The Flag Shop’s Budget Italy Table Flags! Brilliant along bars, on cafe tables, or anywhere you want to promote with an authentic twist of Italy, our Italy Flags are hardy polyester weave templates that can be used outdoors or inside of your venue. Each flag is professionally digitally printed for a high-visibility finish and uses vivid weather-resistant colours to keep your table flag looking vibrant for longer. Each Italy Table Flag measures 6 by 4 inches in size, or 10 centimetres by 15 centimetres, and comes with an optional, easy-to-assemble plastic base and flagpole setup. If you’re backing Italy for the Euros, getting in the F1 spirit, or simply want to let diners know that your Italian food’s the best, our Italy Flags are the perfect accessories!

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