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United States table flags for sale at theflagshop.co.uk

Looking to buy a US table flag? We have loads of American state table flags for sale, in both polyester and nylon designs.

From Alabama to Wyoming and every state in between, we have each of the 50 states available. Each table flag measures 150mm x 100mm, ideal for wedding table decorations, business meetings and personal desk decorations. Each table flag is provided with a plastic stick and base standing a 12” high.

Instead of buying a state flag, the USA table flag is available in both budget and satin. The USA flag is one of the most iconic and recognisable flags in the world, so why not make it a centerpiece on one of your tables? The iconic stars and stripes design is famous around the world, so why not make it a part of your table decoration.

However if you’re looking for a individual state to buy a table flag for, we have each of the 50 states. Each state flag has its own unique design, incorporating the history of each state…

Alaska is America’s biggest state, famed for dominating the fishing and oil industries. Their flag is a simple design, consisting of the Big Dipper and Polaris constellations on a dark blue background. If you want to buy an Alaska table flag, you can buy a budget table flag from the Flag Shop.

The California Republic flag is another best seller; due to being one of America’s most popular destinations with tourists. This California desk flag can also be used without a base, placed in cups, stationery holders and other desk items. The California flag was flown during the Bear Revolt, and contains a single red star, a red stripe along the bottom and a grizzly bear. This design looks great printed onto high quality materials, which will ensure you get long lasting durability from your table flag. No matter which US state table flag you seek, you’ll find it at The Flag Shop.

The Texas flag is another one of America’s most recognisable, consisting of a simple tricolour of red, white and blue with a large white star on the left hand side. Also known as the ‘Lone Star State’, Texas is America’s second largest state, home to some of the country’s most iconic heritage, often most commonly associated with cattle and cowboys. If you’re looking to buy a Texas table flag, look no further than The Flag Shop.

Another ideal flag for creating a colourful display at an American themed event is the Washington table flag. Washington, named after the first President of the United States and is home to capital, Olympia. The flag itself is vivid green, with a seal of George Washington in the centre. This design is great as it's an instantly recognisable American icon. If you’re looking to buy a Washington table flag, ours are made from the highest quality materials to ensure ultimate longevity.