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USA State flag available to buy online at the Flag Shop. Get your American State flags here with a huge range including all of the fifty States flag including California state flags, the New York flag, California flag, and the Texas states flags. Also available we have the Florida US state flag and Ohio flag available. For all your US state flags, look no further than the Flag Shop.
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Buy High Quality American flags at

There’s 50 states in America; from the vastness of Texas to the sunshine state of California, there’s plenty of unique states with vast histories and cultures to delve into and enjoy...

If you’re a fan of all things America, why not take a look at our huge range of US State flags available?

We have a huge variation of styles, shapes and sizes available to suit, all made from the highest quality polyester to guarantee minimal fading and fraying.

Let’s start with some of our most popular US state flags… Washington, which is home to the capital city of America, has an instantly recognisable flag. The flag design features a large picture of iconic president George Washington in the middle, a clear choice for the state of Washington. The bright green and yellow hues make this flag vibrant and appealing thanks to the high quality polyester which they are made from. The Washington flag is also available in a table flag design, perfect for using as a themed party decoration.

The Texas flag is another Flag Shop best seller, thanks to its simple yet iconic design. The Texas flag has flown high on many Hollywood films, and is also famed for being the flag of America’s second largest state, just behind Alaska. Texas is a state with a huge history and vast amounts of culture, making it a popular tourist spot for us Brits. If you’re a Texas fan, we have the Texas flag in a 5 x 3ft design, as well as table flags on sale. The flag itself just contains three colours: white, red and blue like the American flag, with a large white star on the left adding more detail.

Known for being America’s largest state, Alaska also flies a popular flag… The simple blue design with yellow stars represents to sky and sea, with ‘The Great Bear’ star constellation shown in the stars. The flag is one of the younger US state flags, only being adopted in 1927. If you want to fly the Alaskan flag with pride, you can buy an affordable Flag Shop flag which won’t show any signs of fraying or fading, even after years of indoor and outdoor use.

The bald eagle is an American icon, instantly identifiable around the world. The Illinois flag portrays the iconic bald eagle on a white background so it stands out even further, along side an American shield and dates in which the state was formed. This unique flag design is bold and vivid; at The Flag Shop, out flags are made from quality polyester for long lasting colour.

However if you can’t decide on a flag, or maybe you’re planning on throwing and American themed party, why not try our 50 USA States Bunting, ideal for decorating any party. Each state is represented on a 22cm x 15cm flag, with the entire product measuring 50 feet in length. From Maryland to Michigan, Oregon to Vermont, every American state is included in this bunting set.

So, if you’re planning on buying a US State flag, keep the Flag Shop in mind for unbeatable prices and quality!