Slovakia Table Flags

After fun, colourful, and patriotic flags to display in your shop, home, or office? With The Flag Shop’s vibrant Slovakia Table Flags, you can show off your national pride in any venue! We offer free, fast UK-wide delivery on a large range of great value table flags for parties, meetings, and more, so you can celebrate, commemorate, or cheer your team on with a bang!

Take a look at our brilliant Budget Slovakia Table Flags for the perfect table-top decorations! These cheerful and hard-wearing wavers can be used in a variety of different settings both indoors and outdoors, such as desks, checkouts, in-store displays, and shop windows. Each Slovakia flag displays the horizontal tricolor of blue, red, and white in show-stopping digital prints, finished with the coat of arms at the hoist side for an unmissable visual impact.

Now you can turn your bar into a colourful blaze of Slovakian colours for the world cup, or easily theme your next party for Slovakia’s National Day! Budget table flags are 15 cm horizontally, 10 cm tall, and come equipped with a free-standing black plastic base. Each 6 inch by 4 inch flag is printed on durable 115 gsm no-rip polyester fabric for outdoor use and a long service life.

The Flag Shop’s gorgeous Satin Slovakia Table Flags are even bigger and badder, printed onto high-grade satin fabric on an even larger colourfast template! If you’re organising an important meeting or hosting diplomatic guests, look no further than these head-turning satin table flags for the ultimate decorations. These eye-catching wavers are colourfast and printed using high-quality digital print technology for a photorealistic visual finish. Designed not to fray, tear, or tatter, you can use these table flags for years and keep them looking brand new!

Just like our Slovakia Budget Table Flags, our Slovakia Satin Table Flags can be used as placeholders at meals, mantlepiece decorations within your home, or anywhere you want to put your Slovakian pride on high-viz display! These lightweight adornments come with telescoping flag poles that allow you to adjust your decorations between 10 inches and 18 inches in height for even more creative flexibility. These templates measure 6 inches by 9 inches (15 cm by 22 cm) and can be ordered alongside our other Satin World Table Flags for a large order discount.

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