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Kosovo Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Show off your beautiful country with The Flag Shop’s budget-friendly Kosovo Table Flags! Our wonderfully durable Kosovo flags are just what you need to add sparkle to National Day celebrations or jazz up a wedding reception. With beautifully bright, run-resistant colours and high-grade fabric templates, it takes seconds to add an instant national theme to all your events and celebrations!

Our Budget Kosovo Table Flags are excellent decorations for events with an international theme, like Olympics parties, the World Cup, and Model United Nations meetings. We’ve digitally printed the baby blue field and bright golden foreground of Kosovo in professional quality flag dyes that won’t ever bleach, run, or fade, giving you a spectacular way to support your country indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather! The Flag Shop’s Budget Kosovo Flags are excellent accessories for themed parties, professional meetings, and even in the office, and come with a 12 inch plastic stand and flagpole for setting up your flag on any surface. Spectacular as part of advertising displays in shop windows or at your point of purchase, each Kosovo Flag is 15 cm across and 10 cm high, printed on rip-resistant 115 gsm polyester weave. Mirror-image printed for high visibility from any angle, you can now order these flags in bulk for a Multi Buy Discount!

Also available with free and speedy UK delivery, our dazzling Satin Kosovo Table Flags are what you need to jazz up formal events! These shiny, silky wavers are 6 by 9 inches in size (15 cm by 22 cm) and printed onto quality satin that looks beautiful in professional and stylish venues. These flags are beautifully designed for elegant events such as weddings, corporate meetings, museums, hotel lobbies, and swanky dinner table settings wherever a Kosovo theme is what you’re after! Because each flag can be lowered or raised anywhere between 10-18 inches on its telescoping chrome flagpole, it’s easy to create unique displays for your window, mantelpiece, or celebration table!

Use our Kosovo Table Flags to make a statement where you’re selling souvenirs, authentic food, or standing behind your favourite national athlete at a sports event. Even better, pair them with our other high-calibre World Table Flags for a stunning arrangement or marketing promotion! When you order similar-sized Table Flags from our huge online assortment, you’ll even reduce your total spend with The Flag Shop’s Multi Buy Discount. Order today!