Germany Table Flags

Willkommen your German guests in style or spice up a World Cup viewing party with The Flag Shop’s Germany Table Flags! Our great polyester and satin flags add a splash of gold, red, and black to any Oktoberfest celebrations or diplomatic meetings, and come in a huge range of designs.

Show off your favourite country’s colours in sleek satin with The Flag Shop’s Satin Germany Table Flags! These top-selling pint-sized German Flags make amazingly bright and patriotic decorations at formal occasions, diplomatic events, and business conferences, as well as around the office. These vivid, colourfast, and highly durable table flags show off the German national standard on a silky smooth 9 inch by 6 inch template that sits neatly in windows, on mantelpieces, or atop your point of purchase. Each 22 cm x 15 cm flag is the perfect size to use as a dinner table setting or place holder at meetings with a chrome telescoping stand or can be ordered as is to use as wall decorations or in a frame. Satin Germany Table Flags show the horizontal black, red, and gold stripes of the country’s standard in bright, weatherproof dyes that won’t fade or bleach out of doors. 

Display the proud German Eagle at your event with our Satin Germany Eagle Table Flags, and give your decoration a unique twist for even more impact. Perfect for jazzing up a boring dinner party with a fun German theme or showing off your colours at the World Cup or Euro. Just like our Satin German Table Flags, these 6 by 9 inch flags are printed on rip-resistant, high-quality satin and can be used out of doors. Germany Satin Eagle Table Flags can be ordered with a telescoping chrome pole that adjusts from 10 inches tall to 18 inches tall, or with your choice of 2-, 3-, or 4-hole chrome bases. 

Want a quick, cheap, and cheerful way to show off your German roots? Or make your German shop or restaurant stand out in a sea of competition? Budget Germany Table Flags are just what you need, and we offer free delivery across the UK on these brilliantly low-cost wavers. Budget German Table Flags and Budget Germany Eagle Table Flags are printed on durable 115 gsm polyester fabric and measure 10 cm by 15 cm for no-fuss decorations at receptions, dinners, parties, shops, or anywhere you want to display the national standard! Available with a 12 inch (30 cm) black plastic base, these affordable wavers can be used indoors or outdoors and come with The Flag Shop’s free UK-wide delivery.

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Germany Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Get pumped for Oktoberfest or cheer on your national football team at the Euros with The Flag Shop’s stunning Germany Table Flags. Bright, colourful, and built to last, our fun little table toppers give an instant German theme to all kinds of venues in a flash!

The Flag Shop is where you’ll find great value Germany Table Flags in hardy woven polyester, printed in vibrant inks on a 15 cm by 10 cm template for a pop-out impact wherever you want to  decorate. Shipped to you worldwide or for free in the UK mainland, they’re ready to stand on their own with a strong but lightweight plastic base. No assembly required!

Our Budget Germany Table Flag is a vividly coloured, truly patriotic desktop accessory for your workspace and just as exciting as a bartop adornment throughout the Olympics. If you’re throwing a party with a distinct German theme, these durable little 6-inch by 4-inch wavers make the perfect low-cost accessories. All Germany Table Flags of similar sizes can be mixed in your basket for a discounted price on your decorating essentials, so why not pair your Budget Germany Table Flag with our iconic Budget German Eagle Table Flag to theme your party for less? All our woven polyester table flags are rip-resistant for longer life and printed using colourfast, wonderfully bright dyes that don’t run, bleach, or lose their impact over time.

For swanky affairs like weddings, diplomatic assemblies, or even mock UN meetings, our Satin Germany Table Flags are the way to go! A swish upgrade on our budget table flags, these elegant wavers are printed on a hard-wearing but glossy satin template and set on a shiny chrome stand. Slightly larger than our Budget Germany Table Flag at 9 x 6 inches (22 cm x 15 cm), our Satin Germany Table Flag and Satin Germany Eagle Table Flag take pride of place at professional or formal get-togethers. Each stand has a telescoping design allowing for adjustments in the height of your flag, which can be flown anywhere between 10 and 18 inches (25 cm to 45 cm). 

Maximise your visual impact while you save with The Flag Shop’s Multi-Buy discount - the perfect way to theme and glam up bigger venues! Combining our like-sized Germany Flags helps you decorate large-scale events like weddings, christenings, galas, receptions, schools, parties and more with an exciting range of different designs. Order today for free UK-wide delivery from The Flag Shop!