United Kingdom Table Flags

There are so many potential uses for our great range of United Kingdom table flags! It might be a royal celebration like the 2023 Coronation of King Charles III, or maybe a royal wedding…Or a special memorial day like VE or VJ Day, maybe a huge sporting event like the Olympics where we can cheer on Team GB, or possibly for the Tour de Yorkshire.  It may be that you are simply a patriotic soul and love nothing more than to display your pride, either in your home or at your work premises, and why not?

The Flag Shop’s United Kingdom Table Flags are the perfect way to help mark all of the above! The Union Jack is a symbol of unity at the same time as recognising Great Britain’s very distinct nations. The blue and white of St Andrew’s flag,  the white and crimson St Patrick flag, and St George’s & Wales red cross neatly merge three national ensigns of the nation in a flag that has an iconic history and is instantly recognisable

So why not display your nation’s colours with these neat and handy small table flags that lend themselves to a whole host of uses? Table flags can rest on pretty much any flat surface, so they are ideal for decorating cupboards, tables and desks, making them invaluable for schools, shops, office buildings and workplaces across the land! Not to mention larger-scale events like corporate exhibitions, conferences and even weddings!

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  1. Union Jack Table Flag
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  3. Union Jack Crest Table Flag
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  4. Union Jack Smiley Table Flag
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  5. Union Jack crest table flag satin
    Union Jack Crest Table Flag Satin
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Fancy a simple, easy but cool method  to show off your support for all things UK? Or make your United Kingdom shop, business or restaurant stand out from the crowd? Budget United Kingdom Table Flags are ideal for this, and we offer free delivery across the UK on these super great value  fun flags. Budget United Kingdom Table Flags are printed on durable 115 gsm polyester fabric and measure 10 cm by 15 cm for no-fuss decorations at homes, shops, receptions, dinners, parties - or anywhere you want to display the national standard! 

You may prefer to show your pride with sleek satin with The Flag Shop’s Satin United Kingdom Table Flags! These popular pint-sized United KingdomFlags make really vibrant and patriotic decorations at exhibitions, parties, formal occasions, community events as well as around the workplace. These bright, colourfast, and highly tough table flags show off the United Kingdom national standard on a silky smooth 9 x 6 inch template that sits neatly wherever you want them to go!

Maybe you fancy something equally patriotic but a little more playful? I fo, you can’t beat our Union Jack Smiley Face Budget flag, with its cheeky yellow centrepiece face that lends itself perfectly for party decorations! These superb budget desk flags could also be ideal for dinner parties, weddings and general events.

The Union Jack Crest Table flag is another great alternative - The inclusion of the formal coat of arms is a lovely classy touch and maybe promotes this option as an ideal one for marking more formal, historic events such as Royal weddings, coronations and so on.

So, with all this choice you can’t go wrong - Also do be sure to save money at the same time as maximising your cosmetic impact with The Flag Shop’s Multi-Buy discount - the ideal way to theme bigger venues for less! Combining our super-practical United Kingdom Table Flags helps you decorate large-scale gatherings like receptions, school performances, community events, weddings, and various parties with a vibrant range of different looks. Order now for free UK delivery from The Flag Shop!