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Japan Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

The Flag Shop’s vividly hued Japan Table Flags are picture-perfect ways to show off your Japanese pride, indoors or outdoors and all year around! We stock a huge line of wonderfully priced mini Japanese flags for jazzing up a boring venue or theming casual and formal events. Our vibrant flags feature the Japanese national ensign in bright, vibrant hues, printed onto durable tear-resistant polyester templates in hi-resolution prints.

Not sure where to start? Show your national pride off with our Budget Japan Table Flags! If you’re after a fun, affordable way to spruce up a boring point of purchase or add some life to your office workspace, these low-cost, high-quality wavers are just what you need for the job. Each of our Budget Japanese Table Flags displays the full red sun against a clean white backdrop in photo-quality contrast, using colourfast inks and durable 115 gsm woven polyester for a long service life. You can use these flags as table settings at Japanese-themed parties, or anywhere you’d like to cheer your team on at the Olympics, World Cup, or international sporting events!

Turn up the heat with our Budget Japan Rising Sun Table Flags, a historic version of the national flag which features the classic rays of the morning sunrise. Just like our Budget Japan Table Flags, these polyester accessories measure 15 cm across and 10 cm high, and each is displayed on its own plastic stand as well as a sturdy, lightweight plastic base. These compact, top-quality wavers look wonderful as decorative finishes on restaurant tables and can be used as eye-catching visual merchandising accessories anywhere you are promoting national products such as tea, sushi, or sake!

Make your meetings memorable with our stunning Satin Japan Table Flags. If you’re looking for a way to formalise a speech or decorate a diplomatic office, these silky and elegant wavers are wonderful for the job! At The Flag Shop we have perfectly professional Satin Japanese Table Flags that can be used as patriotic decorations in hotels, conferences, schools, businesses, and more–anywhere you want to add a formal and upmarket feel to outdoor or indoor events. At 6 by 9 inches in size (or approximately 15 cm by 23 cm), these nifty wavers can be height adjusted to fly at 10-18 inches on a stable chrome flagpole and base. Each flag can be flown solo as a placeholder or arranged with other flags using our 2, 3, or 4-hole chrome flag bases.