Chile Table Flags

The best way to show off your Chilean pride is with The Flag Shop’s Chile Table Flags! Look no further than our wonderfully bright Chile Flags for all your party decorations and desktop adornments. Whether you’re greeting a foreign friend or tempting diners with authentic South American flavours, our vibrant wavers will make you all the more visible from across the room!

Want to decorate for a school assembly or lay beautiful tables at a wedding reception? The Flag Shop’s Budget Chile Table Flags can be set up easily on tables, desks, window sills, and anywhere you’d like to add a splash of the nation’s official colours. Each small 10 cm by 15 cm flag comes with its own 12-inch lightweight black plastic stand or flagpole, and a compatible plastic base that’s as simple as click and fly. At The Flag Shop, we use resilient 115 gsm polyester weave for your Chile Table Flags, ensuring your placeholders or decorations don’t become ripped, torn,  or bleach with time. All our affordable flags are printed with professional run-resistant dyes to keep your Chilean flags looking fresh and new in photo-quality resolution. 

A stylish take on our Budget Chile Flags, The Flag Shop’s Satin Chile Table Flag designs are unbeatable for elegant occasions! Whether you’re decorating your Chilean restaurant for special guests or greeting the ambassador himself, these great value flags give an instant theme to your event. Our Satin Table Flags can be used individually to designate seating at meetings, or grouped together into eye-catching centrepieces. You can even order your Satin Chilean Table Flags with similar-sized flags from our huge collection to enjoy our Multi-Buy discount, which gives you even more flags for your total budget.Satin Chile Table Flags are 6 inch by 8 inch  satin templates in super-durable satin fabric for a glossy sheen. They can be displayed on walls or windows as they are or arranged into stylish designs, or can be ordered with a chrome flag pole (height-adjustable between 10 inches and 18 inches) and optional sturdy base.  Printed in hi-resolution for maximum detail, each flag features the official Chilean flag design in bright, fade-resistant colours. Use them as decorations for your back yard barbecues, or display them proudly on your desk at work – these hardy little flags won’t bleach, run, or rip and will last for years. Order your table flags from our massive catalogue today!

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