Slovenia Table Flags

What’s a more patriotic show of support for your country than The Flag Shop’s great value Slovenia Table Flags? If you’re backing your country in the Olympics or celebrating Slovenia’s rich cultural heritage, our high-quality table adornments are the perfect way to brighten up your event. Our range includes Budget Table Flags made from rip-resistant polyester as well as glossy Satin Table Flags, all showing off the Slovenian national flag in colourfast vibrant digital prints. Show your guests where to sit or brighten up your restaurant with our great value indoor and outdoor decorations!

Looking for a stunning way to style your next corporate meeting? Look no further than The Flag Shop’s Satin Slovenia Table Flags for the ideal boardroom decorations! These vivid, bright table ornaments have countless uses at indoor and outdoor celebrations, whether you’re promoting a grand opening for your business or seating guests for dinner at home. 

Satin Slovenia Table Flags can be easily height adjusted between 10 inches and 18 inches on their telescoping chrome flagpole. Each flag is digitally printed using professional imaging techniques for a crisp, long-lasting finished image. These sturdy flags are 6 inches by 9 inches (15 cm x 22 cm) in dimension and you can choose from a range of 2, 3, and 4-hole bases to make your display completely unique! Now you can display Slovenia’s coat of arms and unmistakable red, white, and blue from anywhere with ease, and turn your venue into a show of support for your country.

Want to decorate even larger venues with your budget? Check out The Flag Shop’s 115 gsm polyester Budget Slovenia Table Flags, these compact and vibrant accessories will add instant zip to any venue! Budget Table Flags are professionally crafted on durable polyester weave (115 gsm), with a 10 cm height and 15 cm width that’s perfect for any table, desk, windowsill, or flat surface. Create eye-catching window arrangements by lining them in a row, or set one beside each dinner setting to theme your private party!

Looking for more unmissable decorations for your Slovenia decorating theme? Make sure to visit our huge collection of Slovenia Flags, where you’ll find our gorgeous 5 ft by 3 ft Slovenia Flag, Slovenia Bunting, and more. And remember—you can pair your Slovenia table flags with similar-sized table flags from our bumper collection and enjoy a bulk discount on your order. Get waving with The Flag Shop today!

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