United Nations Table Flags

The United Nations is a historic organisation whose stated M.O is ‘to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation whilst  acting as a centre for harmonising the actions of nations.’ Well, we can’t think of many organisations more worthy of support than that!

So if you are needing vibrant, durable and practical United Nations Table Flags then look no further than The Flag Shop’s great value range. Our collection offers a range of vivid and sharp digitally printed table toppers in 9 x 6 inch and 6 x 4 inch sizes, ideally-suited for all types of indoor and outdoor scenarios!

Make a cool statement and display support with our Satin United Nations Table Flags, available in hi-resolution on hard-wearing satin fabric. Our 6 by 9 inch (15 cm by 22 cm) Satin Table Flags are quick and convenient ways to add a personal and patriotic finish to your outdoor and indoor decorating and come complete with a 10 inch to 18-inch telescoping chrome flagpole and base. 

These high quality desk flags have a massive range of uses including place holders for conferences or meetings, as personal desk ornaments, table centre decorations or maybe for larger events like political gatherings or summit meetings.

If your needs are slightly less grand, then check out The Flag Shop’s great array of Budget United Nations Table Flags, all printed on 115 gsm polyester fabric and mounted on a 12 inch fixed black plastic stand. Each flag is printed in fade-resistant dyes to prevent substantial bleaching and can be used indoors and outdoors in all weathers without becoming too dulled and damaged.

Are you keen to be  loud and proud about how much you love the United Nations? Then do make sure you don’t miss out on our complementary range of great United Nations bunting and United Nations Flag, available in sizes from 3 ft x2 ft upward and a number of different designs - You can even personalise a UN flag with your own message via our United Nations Customised Flag! With UN Table flags, standard flags, bunting and customisable options, there’s so many ways you can show your support!

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