Norway Table Flags

Looking for show-stopping, vibrant, and durable Norway Table Flags? Look no further than The Flag Shop’s great value collection. Our catalogue is where you’ll find a range of stunningly crisp, bright digitally printed table toppers in 6 by 9 inch and 4 by 6 inch sizes, suitable for all manner of indoor and outdoor venues!

Impress your professional guests or dress up a wedding reception with our Satin Norway Table Flags, available in hi-resolution on hard-wearing satin fabric. Our 6 by 9 inch (15 cm by 22 cm) Satin Table Flags are quick and convenient ways to add a personal and patriotic finish to your outdoor and indoor decorating and come complete with a 10 inch to 18-inch telescoping chrome flagpole and base. 

Satin Table Flags can be used in the centre of tables if you’re throwing a formal party such as a wedding reception or christening, and are digitally printed to display the Norwegian flag in photo quality detail. Each flag is a bright red and features the iconic indigo Scandinavian cross in colourfast dyes, making it perfect for showing off your cultural roots at all kinds of events and occasions. Use them to decorate on New Year, or support the Norwegian team at the Olympics!

Want to make an impact on a slightly smaller budget? Check out The Flag Shop’s striking array of Budget Norway Table Flags, all printed on 115 gsm polyester fabric and set on a 12 inch fixed black plastic stand. You can use these vibrant table decorations as fun workspace decorations, to promote your products at a public venue such as a market, or simply to decorate your windowsill at home and let people know where your heart lies! Each flag is printed in fade-resistant dyes to prevent bleaching and can be used indoors and outdoors in all weathers without becoming tattered. These accessories make ideal last-minute decorations to shop windows if you’re selling authentic Norwegian products, and are just as wonderful as classroom decorations for learning about different cultures!

Want to get loud and proud about how much you love your country? Don’t miss our complete range of spectacular Norway Flags, available in sizes from 3 ft by 2 ft upward and a host of different designs. With hand flags, table flags, car flags, and more to choose from, you’ve got no excuse not to get patriotic in style!

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