Norway Flags

Running a Norwegian business, selling specialised goods, or eager to celebrate National Day? Our Norway Flag collection here at The Flag Shop contains all the quality ensigns you could possibly want to make that patriotic statement! If you are looking for vivid colours, crisp photo-quality resolution printing, and durable wear-proof flags, shop our Flags of Norway collection today! We provide UK free delivery and also ship internationally so you can receive your beautiful Norway flag anywhere you like!

With a stunning  red background and deep blue Scandinavian cross, the Norwegian flag has an official history dating back to 1821. Its focal feature combines the white Danish cross and Sweden’s blue cross for an eye-catching Nordic effect that distinguishes itself instantly. An inspirational symbol for Norwegians across the world, we stock this gorgeous national flag in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes here at The Flag Shop.

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Norway flags available at The Flag Shop

Our best-selling 3 ft by 5 ft Norway Flag is a classic way to show your national pride, with a lightweight, easy-to-carry design making it ideal for outdoor get-togethers. At 152 cm x 91 cm wide and high, this flag features strong metal eyelets for straightforward setup and is printed on reliable polyester to give you a longer life. Designed for all kinds of uses, this national flag is your must-have at parties, parades, athletic meets, sports matches, and concerts - even at the beach! With our hi-resolution photo quality finish printing, your Norwegian Flag won’t tear, fray, fade, or tatter from everyday use. The perfect keepsake and companion for your May 17th festivities!

Looking for a Norway Hand Waving Flag or a Norwegian Table Flag? Here at The Flag Shop we have decorative, budget-friendly hand flags that are great for carnivals, weddings, and other celebrations. Your hand-waving flags are light and portable at 18 x 12 inches (45 cm x 30 cm) across and come with double-stitched hems for a longer life. If you’re after a hand flag that travels well, waves conveniently, and shows a clear image on both sides, this is a popular choice. Buy our Norwegian hand flags in larger quantities and we will give you a considerable discount for bulk orders! 

Our Norwegian Table Flags are also an affordable, striking way to add colour and vibrancy to your home, office, business, or school. Also available with discounts for larger orders, a table Norwegian Flag is 300 mm (6 inches) high and a handy 6 x 4 inches (150 mm x 100 mm) for any work desk, pub table, or wedding centrepiece. We can also provide you with an optional base for these flags, or simply stand them on your surface in a convenient way that works for you!

We at The Flag Shop are also huge fans of vivid bunting at any gathering, and our Norway Bunting is an excellent choice for anyone who wants their party to be remembered forever! We offer three versatile lengths of Norwegian Flag Bunting so that you can decorate any size space, both indoors and outdoors. Here in our online catalogue, you’ll find shorter 3m (9.8 ft) lengths with 10 flags and longer 9m (30ft) bunting with 30 flags for everything from small rooms, to outdoor areas and public spaces. If you’re hosting a school or work event, why not brighten up your venue with vivid, expertly-printed Norway bunting? At 6 x 9 inches (150 mm x 230 mm) per flag, these are designed to be used over and over and are easy to store, hang, and move around. 

The Flag Shop also makes it easy for you to create your own unique Custom Norwegian Flag with our dedicated Flag Design software. Simply choose a flag size from 18 x 12 inch (45 cm x 30 cm), 3ft x 2 ft (91 cm x 61 cm), 5ft x 3ft (152 cm x 91 cm), 8ft x 5ft (243 cm x 152 cm), and add your choice of images, logos, branding, or text to make it your own for an affordable price. Are you promoting your football team? Advertising a business? Or, hosting a cultural event? Our Custom Printed Norway Flags give you the ideal space to do it in only moments!