World Continents Table Flags

Represent your home nation at dinners, meetings, parties, brunches, and more or throw a themed party on your country’s national day – The Flag Shop’s World Continents Table Flags give you hundreds of ways to decorate in your country’s home colours. Our exceptional value flags are digitally printed in full resolution on hardy polyester and satin templates, and come with flagpoles, stands, and bases for a wealth of ways to decorate creatively. We’ve got Europe Table Flags, Asia Table Flags, Africa Table Flags, and more for your private and professional settings complete with free UK-wide delivery to your business, home, or office.

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  1. Union Jack Table Flag
    Union Jack Table Flag Budget
  2. Scotland table flag
    Scotland Table Flag Budget
  3. USA Table Flag
    USA Table Flag Budget
  4. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  5. Germany Table Flag
    Germany Table Flag Budget
  6. France Table Flag
    France Table Flag Budget
  7. South Africa Table Flag Budget
    South Africa Table Flag Budget
  8. Wales Table Flag
    Wales Table Flag Budget
  9. Ireland Table Flag
    Ireland Table Flag Budget
  10. Italy Table Flag
    Italy Table Flag Budget
  11. Israel Table Flag
    Israel Table Flag Budget
  12. Cayman Islands Table Flag
    Cayman Islands Table Flag Budget
  13. Norway Table Flag
    Norway Table Flag Budget
  14. Switzerland Table Flag
    Switzerland Table Flag Budget
  15. Spain Table Flag
    Spain Table Flag Budget
  16. Malta Table Flag
    Malta Table Flag Budget
  17. Canada Table Flag
    Canada Table Flag Budget
  18. Palestine Table Flag
    Palestine Table Flag Budget
  19. Australia Table Flag
    Australia Table Flag Budget
  20. Morocco Table Flag
    Morocco Table Flag Budget
  21. Sweden Table Flag
    Sweden Table Flag Budget
  22. Portugal Table Flag
    Portugal Table Flag Budget
  23. Austria Table Flag
    Austria Table Flag Budget
  24. Brazil Table Flag
    Brazil Table Flag Budget
  25. Czech Republic Table Flag
    Czech Republic Table Flag Budget
  26. Greece Table Flag
    Greece Table Flag Budget
  27. Holland Table Flag
    Holland Table Flag Budget
  28. Belgium Table Flag
    Belgium Table Flag Budget
  29. Argentina Table Flag
    Argentina Table Flag Budget
  30. Finland Table Flag
    Finland Table Flag Budget
  31. Russia Table Flag
    Russia Table Flag Budget
  32. Union Jack table flag satin
    Union Jack Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  33. Romania Table Flag
    Romania Table Flag Budget
  34. Latvia Table Flag
    Latvia Table Flag Budget
  35. New Zealand Table Flag
    New Zealand Table Flag Budget
  36. West Indies Table Flag
    West Indies Table Flag Budget
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World Continents Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Find World Continents Table Flags at The Flag Shop for theming out your restaurant, club, cafe, hotel, pub, or bar – with national flags from every nation, you can show customers where your heart lies! Our Union Jack Table Flag Budget is a hot seller across Great Britain, featuring a digitally printed Union Jack in vibrant colours and crisp hi-resolution finish. These budget flags give you a great value way to decorate every tabletop in a huge venue for less, or personalise your workspace to show off your British roots. With a plastic base for mounting your flag, plus a plastic 12 inch flag pole, these budget wavers are you a cost-effective decorating solution for anywhere a dash of patriotic pride is required. Perfect for Olympics opening or after parties, Euro or Premier league matches, Royal holidays, school assemblies, and more! Each Budget World Continent Table Flag  measures 10 mm by 15 mm in size, and is lightweight enough to pop into any backpack or briefcase if you’re headed out.

Another favourite in The Flag Shop’s World Continents Table Flags collection, our Union Jack Satin Table Flag gives the British flag an elegant upgrade! Printed using high-quality professional flag printing techniques onto durable but stylish satin, our Satin Union Jack Table Flags make glamorous placeholders at fancy dinner parties, business conferences, wedding receptions, and country clubs. These fashionable satin flags also come on a shiny chrome base that telescopes to make your flag adjustable, giving you creative opportunities for advertising displays in shop windows, visual merchandising throughout your store, hospitality venue, sports hall or music festival, and anywhere in your home. We digitally print each beautifully silky Satin Union Jack using waterproof, colourfast dyes that remain vibrantly coloured even on exposure to sunshine or moisture. This allows your flag to remain bright, clear, crisp, and bold even if they’re permanent fixtures on your outdoor tables!

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting way to decorate your home, school, or office for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, The Flag Shop has a huge selection of world continents table flags from different countries. Why not style your classroom, workspace, or living room with competing nations’ flags, or draw customers to your cafe, pub, or restaurant to watch the Olympics live? Every nation is represented with our satin Denmark Table Flag, Satin Holland Table Flag, Satin Saudi Arabia Table Flag, and more, and we give you great discounts when you order in bulk. Simply order several same-size satin World Continent table flags or polyester World Continent table flags to receive each item for less. 

At The Flag Shop, we order convenient, free, and fast shipping across the UK. Whether you’re ordering Budget India Table Flags to support your team in the cricket, Budget USA Table Flags for the Fourth of July, or Satin Scotland Table Flags for a fancy Burns Night dinner, we post your flags to your doorstep so they’re ready to grace your tables. If you’re overseas, we deliver worldwide, too!

All our World Continent Table Flags are ready to stand on your desk, in your classroom, point of purchase, or your restaurant tables without any special setup required. A quick and easy, fun way to add instant colour to your events, theme your parties, or decorate your market stall, you can order 2, 3, or 4-hole bases for many of our flags for even more creative possibilities. Why not create a mantelpiece display of flags for national days, a dining room centrepiece for your national day celebrations, or decorate your shop shelves to support your national sports team?