Cuba Table Flags

Shop our exciting Cuba Table Flags to spice up your home, office, or business. Our catalogue contains an array of brightly coloured, strong-weave flag designs that you can use to create custom Cuban themes on a budget!

For a hardy indoor and outdoor flag, we’ve got 115 gsm polyester table flags sporting the official Cuban star. The Flag Shop’s Budget Cuba Table Flags are amazingly low-priced accessories for bars, restaurant tables, window ledges, and at your point of purchase. Crafted professionally from 115 gsm polyester, they can create eye-catching promotions if you’re selling Cuban food, drinks, or goods! All our Budget Cuba Table Flags are tear-resistant and resilient against the effects of sunshine, making them perfect for use in outdoor settings. 

Measuring 15 centimetres across by 10 centimetres high, Budget Table Flags are digitally printed to ensure a visibly sharper, photo-quality finished product. Each Cuba Flag can come with a sturdy but lightweight plastic stand in black for securing your pole to the plastic base. Some perfect uses for these budget flags include dinner table decorations at weddings, place markers at mock UN meetings, and visual merchandising displays in shop windows.

For special events and formal venues, only The Flag Shop’s Satin Cuba Table Flags will do! These silky table flags look top of the line, but are amazingly priced for large-scale decorating! Each Satin template measures 6 inches by 8 inches and shows off the Cuban national flag in resplendent colours, locked in with colourfast digital inks to protect them from becoming faded or losing their brightness over time. These patriotic Cuba Flags come with speedy UK delivery when ordered through The Flag Shop’s online catalogue, or you can mix and match them with other Satin Flags from our collection to unlock our bulk discounts. Whether you’re jazzing up your Cuban business or giving flags to your customers as promotional keepsakes, The Flag Shops table flags will add a splash of colour.  Satin Cuban Table Flags are 6 by 8 inches and come on a metallic-effect chrome pole for a polished look. The telescoping flag pole can be adjusted in height from 18 inches to 10 inches high and attaches securely to a chrome base. We also stock special bases with 4, 3, or 2 holes that give you even more flexibility to create the perfect Cuban theme!

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