Canada Table Flags

Looking for a top-quality, great value Canadian flag? If you’ve no room for our classic standards, our Canada Table Flags are what you need! We give you free UK wide delivery on all your orders, and overseas delivery so that you can decorate wherever you are!

We stock wonderfully priced Budget Canada Table Flags on durable polyester templates for all kinds of indoor and outdoor settings. If you’re holding a special school assembly or hosting a dinner, these nifty polyester wavers sit neatly on your table or desk. Each of our polyester flags is made with 115 gsm fabric with a 10 mm by 15 mm (6 inch by 4 inch) size that shows off the Canadian national flag. We use run-resistant dyes to ensure your flag doesn’t bleach, and photo-quality printing techniques for bright colours and full resolution. Budget Canada Table Flags can be pinned to classroom walls for educational projects, displayed in cafe flowerpots on their own plastic flagpole, or stood as they are at your point of sale on their own plastic bases. With a long-lasting colour and robust polyester template, they can easily be reused for different events—from national day to the Olympics!

Want to put the Canadian flag on full display at your next board meeting or delegation? While our Budget Table Flags are brilliant, our Satin Table Flags are designed for the job! The Flag Shop’s Satin Canada Table flag is bigger and shinier than our Budget Canada Table Flag, measuring 6 inches tall by 9 inches across. These feature a durable, tatter-proof satin template printed in bright colourfast dyes. The alternating horizontal red and white stripes of the Canadian flag are displayed in hi-resolution, with the red maple standing out in sharp contrast. Every Satin Table Flag can be ordered on its own for use as wall hangings or in your shop window, or you can opt for our shiny telescoping flagpole for a stylish chrome finish. Want to fly your flag instantly? We also stock a range of multi-hole bases that are perfect for creating custom arrangements of your own, from celebration table arrangements to rows, crossed flags, and more. Don’t forget to order The Flag Shop’s Canada Flags along with your other favourite world flags of similar sizes so that you can enjoy a discount on your international flag displays. 

What better way to show your Canadian pride during ice hockey season or promote your maple pancakes? With The Flag Shop’s high-resolution table flags, you can decorate anywhere! 

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