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Iceland Table Flags available now at The Flag Shop

Show off your Icelandic pride with The Flag Shop’s brilliantly vivid Iceland Table Flags, or throw an unforgettable event with an Icelandic theme! Our Icelandic Flags display the civil national flag in bright, bold prints on high calibre templates made of polyester and satin for every budget. If you love the land of ice and fire, our table flags are the best way to show off your national pride!

Create show-stopping promotional displays for your business with our high-grade Budget Iceland Table Flags, crafted from durable 115 gsm woven polyester with a sturdy plastic base and stand. Budget Icelandic Table Flags can be used as eye-catching decorations at sponsored events, in pubs, restaurants, bars, and cafes, or anywhere you want to advertise your Nordic business with the official civil national flag. Our budget flags measure 15 cm by 10 cm or 6 in by 4 in, making them ideal workspace decorations during the World Cup, Olympics, or all year round. They can be displayed on a 30 cm high plastic stand on any flat surface indoors or outdoors, or even pinned to your wall or window as a fun way to welcome your guests! Icelandic Flags display the official fiery-red cross inside a snow-white Nordic cross, against a crisp, hi-resolution navy blue background in photorealistic colours.

Add an unforgettable fire and ice theme to your private event, corporate meeting, or national holiday celebrations with our Satin Iceland Table Flags! The Flag Shop’s luxurious but brilliantly-priced Satin Table Flags have a high-quality aesthetic thanks to their durable, shiny satin template. Satin Table Flags make excellent table markers at birthday parties, National Day meals, wedding receptions, and more, and can be set up in no time on a telescoping chrome pole (10 inches to 18 inches). These formal, sophisticated flags make perfect, even last-minute decorations at meetings when used as placeholders, or can be arranged at varying heights to assemble centrepieces or decorative displays. Each satin flag is 6 inches by 9 inches in size (22 cm by 15 cm), giving you a bigger, bolder and more showstopping visual impact than The Flag Shop’s Budget Iceland Flags. Order your Icelandic flags today to get worldwide shipping or free UK-wide delivery on all your table flags, and make your party or business stand out with the red, white, and blue!