Singapore Table Flags

Celebrate Singapore and show your love for your origins with our bold Singapore Table Flags. These Singapore table flags are superb for patriotic table decorations or for showing your national pride on office desks, tables, or shelves at any time. You can also use them to cheer on your favorite sports team or to decorate an events venue for a truly unforgettable experience. Our vast selection of durable Singapore Table Flags gives you endless ways to celebrate your events in style and show off your patriotic spirit - without breaking the bank! 

You can buy Budget Singapore Table flags for convenient decorating or make a bulk order to enjoy a discounted price. These table flags display the Singapore flag comprising two horizontal halves, with the red above the white. You can use each official flag to create window displays, shop decorations, or at your workplace to brighten up your day! 

Whether you’re hosting a business event, getting festive on Singapore’s National Day, or hosting guests at your place, you can set up these Singapore Budget flags in no time. Each flag is made from first-class 115 gsm weave polyester for enhanced strength, and printed in bright colors. Each of our Budget Singapore Table flags measures 15 cm long by 10 cm high, and comes with an optional base and a flag pole or just a black flag pole.  

Eager to impress potential clients at a sales exhibition or business conference? Beautify your stall, desk, office, or room with The Flag Shop’s spectacular Satin Singapore Table flags! These vibrant table decorations look wonderful at both outdoor and in-house events, from greeting guests with a unique setting to making your sales exhibition stall stand out from the competition. 

Our Singapore Satin Table Flags stand 10 inches to 18 inches tall when set on the chrome flagpole stand, and measure 15 by 22 cm (6 by 9 inches) in size. These flags are just as tough as our polyester flags, thanks to their satin fabric, making them perfect for use as table toppers in offices, meetings, churches, and more. You can also order each Singapore Satin Table Flag with a two or three-hole base for a truly unique table arrangement, or even our four-hole base that’s perfect for boardroom tables. We offer free UK delivery if you’re making merry on August 9, and quick shipping to any destination in the world at any time.

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