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Holland/Netherlands Table Flags available now at The Flag Shop

Decorating your Dutch business for a special sale, or cheering for The Netherlands in the Euros? Make your Dutch pride pop in a sea of orange with The Flag Shop’s Holland Table Flags! Our cost-effective, wonderfully bright Netherlands Table Flags will brighten up any dull venue with a splash of red, white, and blue. If you’re looking to say it loud and clear, let our vividly coloured flags do it for you! 

You can jazz up any restaurant, private party, or pub with Budget Holland Table Flags in a flash, and celebrate King’s Day, Easter, or Carnival in true Dutch style! These polyester table flags are lightweight, sturdy polyester and plastic accessories for introducing a blaze of patriotic colour to any venue, and can be set up instantly as place holders, dinner table settings, or along any bar. Budget Holland Table Flags feature the Dutch national flag in crisp, vibrant digital prints on a 10 cm by 15 cm, high-quality 115 gsm polyester template, and are set on a plastic 12 cm stand to stand upright on any flat surface. 

Budget Netherlands Table Flags are ideal for adding glitz to boring venues, visual merchandising displays in shop windows, and anywhere you want to show off your national flag in all its glory. Perfect for sports grounds or clubs, classrooms, offices, and sponsored charity events where you want to show off your Dutch pride!

Want to supercharge your Dutch-themed promotions? The Flag Shop’s Satin Holland Table Flags are even larger and more elegant than our Budget Netherlands Table flags, for advertising or celebrations with a difference! These 9 inch by 6 inch (15 cm by 22 cm) accessories are digitally printed on top-quality satin for a sleek and silky finished aesthetic and are available with a choice of shiny, metallic chrome bases and flag poles for custom arrangements. Satin flags can be ordered with a telescoping chrome pole that can be adjusted between 18 and 10 inches in height, for designing unique displays on mantelpieces, desktops, or at formal events such as receptions, meetings, religious institutions and more. Compact, hard-wearing, and suitable for outdoor use, our Satin Holland Table Flags can make your poffertje pop or your snert stand out for a fraction of the cost of a billboard.

Order your Netherlands Table Flags today in bulk to get a discount on your order and free shipping in the UK!