Northern Ireland Table Flags

Get the best quality Northern Ireland Table Flags delivered to your door, complete with photorealistic colours and crisp, fine details. Our spectacular Northern Irish Table Flags can be used to decorate any event for Jubilee celebrations, sports matches, music festivals, and come with free, fast shipping with a discount for all bulk orders. If you hail from Northern Ireland, these great value, vibrant decorations are a must!

The Flag Shop’s Budget Northern Ireland Table Flags are bright, exciting, and convenient decorations for all kinds of outdoor events. Whether you’re hosting a Platinum Jubilee party, cheering on your country’s football team, or promoting a special at your business, getting patriotic is a breeze with these decorations. Budget Table Flags can take pride of place on tables for bank holiday parties, or be used as convenient place markers for guests and attendees at concerts, bars, festivals, and anywhere else you love to celebrate. When styled into rows, arrangements, or peppered between your wares, these mini flags make striking visual merchandising displays in shop windows!

Northern Ireland Budget Table Flags are compact and lightweight at 12 inches tall, and come on a mini black plastic flagpole. Flag sizes are 10 cm by 15 cm, perfect for desks, workspaces, dinner tables, or along your bar!

Are you decorating for a more upmarket event? Why not upgrade to swanky satin with The Flag Shop’s Satin Northern Ireland Table Flags? These shiny flags are supplied with a chrome base that offers even more creative possibilities, telescoping from 10 inches to 18 inches so you can design one-of-a-kind centrepieces, point of sale displays, and eye-popping advertising campaigns. Each flag is crafted from durable, high-grade satin and measures 6 inches by 9 inches (15 cm by 22 cm), and can be used in official settings such as embassies, hotels, conferences, and wherever you’re hosting a formal occasion. Satin Northern Ireland Table Flags can be ordered in larger quantities for a discounted rate on your basket.

Don’t miss our Northern Ireland Flags if you’re getting patriotic! We’ve got 18 x 12 inch (45 cm x 30 cm) Northern Ireland Hand Waving Flag, supplied complete with a wooden 12-inch stick for waving at football matches, parties, rallies, and other exciting events. Our popular 5 ft x 3 ft Northern Ireland Flag is also a must outside venues such as offices, shops, hotels, embassies, and government buildings. If you’re looking for a ready-to-fly flag, this standard attaches easily with a rope and toggle to flag poles, so nobody misses your venue!

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