San Marino Table Flags

On the hunt for the perfect San Marino Table Flags to turn your sports bar into an Olympics viewing hub? Keen to celebrate a new business relationship with a themed meeting in your conference room? The Flag Shop’s flags are what you’re after! Our flags are vibrant, durable, and wonderfully priced for all occasions. With cheerful polyester table flags and silky-smooth satin table flags to choose from, we’ve got something for all of your venues and events.

Our Budget San Marino Table Flags are a beautiful way to stand behind your nation’s team at sports events, as well as on national holidays! Printed in hi-resolution on 115 gsm polyester weave, these flags stand 12 inches (30 cm) high on a supplied black plastic stand. With these colourfast, weather-resistant table flags, you can add a patriot theme to outdoor and indoor events such as parties, weddings, meetings, and even promotions for your shop window, food stand, or market stall. Each flag measures 10 cm by 15 cm and proudly displays the San Marino national flag in stunningly vivid digital prints.

For more formal occasions (and wherever you’d like some “wow” factor!), our Satin San Marino Table Flags are just what you need. From receptions and business meetings to fancy promotions and World Cup parties, there’s an infinite range of venues you can theme with these decorations! The Flag Shop’s San Marino Satin Table Flags are vivid, colourfast, and resistant to fading, meaning they can be flown out of doors and stay bright and crisp at your picnics, barbecues, or sporting events. With these stylish satin flags, the San Marino flag is printed onto a 6 inch by 9 inch template and supplied with a chrome telescoping flagpole that starts at 10 inches and extends to 18 inches in height. These can be used alone as place markers, clustered into fun centrepieces, or arranged into formal displays with our multi-hole table flag bases. Best of all, you can combine your Satin San Marino Table Flags with like-sized Satin Table flags in other designs to save even more on your order!

The Flag Shop’s fun, vibrant table flags are all available with complimentary UK-wide delivery when you order from our online store. And if you’re getting ready for a big event like the Olympics, don’t miss our spectacular San Marino Hand Waving Flags, San Marino Flag Bunting, and more!

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