Peru Table Flags

Jazz up your World Cup or National Day celebrations with The Flag Shop’s stunning Peru Table Flags, available in a selection of high-quality designs. With our great value, beautifully printed and vibrant table flags, decorating just became a breeze!

Our table flags can be used indoors and outdoors and suit a whole array of venues, from small private dinner parties to bars, pubs, and sports clubs. Simply pop them on any table, bar, desk, windowsill, or mantelpiece to create eye-catching arrangements that stand for your favourite nation. Perfect for any occasion where you want to stand behind Peru!

Looking for last-minute decorations that will make your Peruvian party theme come to life? Our Budget Peru Table Flags are just what you need—a unique way to show off your national colours! Whether you’re having a few guests around for drinks or hosting a formal dinner, these eye-catching and patriotic wavers are the perfect accessories, printed on high-grade polyester 115 gsm weave and supplied with their own plastic bases and flag poles. Each lightweight yet hard-wearing flag is digital printed with the Peruvian national flag in hi-resolution with colourfast dyes and measures 15 cm by 10 cm in size (roughly 6 inches by 4 inches).

Looking to impress your Peruvian business connections with a swanky, personalised meeting venue? Our Satin Peru Table Flags are the way to do just that on a budget, but in style! The Flag Shop’s Satin Peru Table Flags are more elegant and formal than our Peru Budget Table Flags, being made from top-notch flag satin in a slightly larger size (6 inches by 9 inches or 15 cm by 22 cm). These wonderful wavers are colourfast, vivid, and weatherproof with the option to set them up on a telescoping (height-adjustable) flagpole made from shiny chrome. We also offer bases with 2, 3, or 4 holes that give you a simple way to design original arrangements from your flags. Now you can create breathtaking centrepieces for boardroom tables, give wedding reception guests their own placeholders, or decorate your office reception in Peruvian national colours for big occasions!

Don’t miss The Flag Shop’s exciting Multi-Buy discount, which gives you an even better rate on your table flags when you order in bulk. All our beautifully designed table flags come with free, fast shipping when you order within the UK. Put your Peruvian national colours on full display today! 

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