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Greece Table Flags available now at The Flag Shop

Get patriotic on Ochi Day or wave in the New Year with a cascade of national colours! The Flag Shop’s Greece Table Flags are all you need to celebrate any event and your country at the same time, with vibrant coloured accessories that are perfect for the job. 

We stock and deliver an excellently priced range of high-quality, brightly coloured Greek Table Flags for all occasions, whether you’re advertising, throwing a party, or making your taverna the place to be on National Day. With worldwide shipping and our Multi-Buy Discount for large orders, there’s no reason not to brighten up that party or give your advertising some patriotic oomph!

Start with our Budget Greece Table Flags, a wonderfully cost-effective range of durable flags for desks, tabletops, windowsills, mantelpieces, and anywhere you want to show off your Greek pride. These compact, hard-wearing polyester flags display the bright blue and white of the nation’s official standard, in hi-resolution for a photo-quality finish. Display them along a bar, on your desk at work, or anywhere you’d like to stand behind the Greek team for a sports event like the Olympics! Budget Greece Table Flags are 15 cm by 10 cm (6 in by 4 in) in size and come with a strong, sturdy plastic base and flagpole that is 30 cm (12 in) tall.

Introduce some patriotic pizzazz to your workspace, bar, or celebration table with The Flag Shop’s Satin Greece Table Flags! Our hard-wearing, outdoor-ready satin flags are a graceful addition to formal venues and perfect for events like birthday parties, weddings, christenings, and even business meetings. These 6 in by 9 in (22 cm by 15 cm) satin flags can be displayed on a telescoping chrome base (10 in to 18 in) at the same height or different heights for a bespoke, eye-catching arrangement. Whether you’re celebrating Green Monday, Epiphany, Easter, or Good Friday, these vividly coloured flags are the perfect way to do so in style. Wonderful as centrepieces, desk decorations, placeholders, or table markers at private and formal events, Greek Satin Table Flags are available at a lower price when you order numerous same-sized Satin Flags. Why not combine them with our other World Table Flags?

All our high-quality polyester flags and silky satin flags are digitally printed to stay bold and tear-free with indoor and outdoor use and can be shipped to UK addresses free of charge when you order from our catalogue.