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Croatia is a small country in Eastern Europe, with a long picturesque coastline along the Adriatic Sea. Like many European countries, the Croatian flag features a design of red, white and blue. The flag of Croatia has been used since 1848, but it wasn’t officially adopted until 1990 when the country gained independence from Yugoslavia. The design is made up of a horizontal tricolour of red, white and blue, with the country’s coat of arms in the centre.

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Croatia flags for sale at

Croatia is a large Small in central and south east Europe, consisting of the main country itself, as well as over a thousand small bordering islands. Croatia borders Hungary, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Although the capital city of Croatia is Zagreb, the country is now famed for its tourism to Dubrovnik. The flag of Croatia is a simple design, featuring an equal horizontal tri-colour of red, white and blue, with the country’s coat of arms in the centre. The Croatian flag was first adopted in 1990, a day before the constitution of Croatia on 22 December 1990. If you’re looking to buy a Croatia flag, we have loads of styles available. From standard flag sizes to bunting, table flags and hand waving flags, we have all the Croatia flags you need for every purpose.  

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At, we have loads of Croatia flags for sale in a range of sizes and styles. From the standard 5ft x 3ft flag size to giant 8ft x 5ft flags and small 3ft x 2ft flags, we stock loads of Croatia flags to suit you. Each flag is made from high quality polyester, ensuring the vibrant red, white and blue of this flag truly stand out.

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If you’re looking to buy Croatia bunting for an upcoming sporting event or occasion, bunting makes the perfect decoration. At The Flag Shop, we have a range of Croatia bunting for sale in a variety of sizes, all made from high quality polyester so the colour stands out. Our Croatia bunting is available in 3m (10 flags), 6m (20 flags) and 9m (30 flags) so no matter which size you need, you won’t be disappointed by the price or quality. We also have a range of World Cup, European and Multi Nation bunting for sale which includes the Croatian flag.

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Table flags are the ideal desk decoration; if you’re looking to add the Croatian flag to your table, we have a range of Croatia table flags for sale to suit you. Whether you want the budget Croatia table flag made of polyester or the satin Croatia table flag, we have one to suit your budget. The budget flag has a standard plastic pole, whereas the satin flag has an extendable chrome pole.

Croatia hand waving flags

If you want to show your support at a football of sporting event for Croatia, why not buy a Croatia hand waving flag? The flag itself measures 45 cm x 30cm and is mounted onto a wooden stick for a resilient flag that won’t break easily. These flags are easy to carry around, so no matter where you go, you can take a hand waving flag with ease.