Burundi Flags

The Burundi flag consists of a white saltire on a red and green field with a white disk, with three red solid six-pointed stars outlined in green in the center. If you're looking to buy a Burundi flag, each size available from The Flag Shop is made from the highest quality materials, giving you value for money.
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Show your love for the countries of Africa with a magnificent Burundi flag, displaying an instantly recognisable red and green design. This superb looking Burundi flag looks resplendent when flown from a pole, fluttering for all to see! If you are holding a function or party and want to create a Burundi vibe, we also stock bunting, table flags and hand wavers.

Burundi gained independence from Belgium in 1962 and adopted its very own flag design in 1967. The Burundi flag is quite an original design with its vivid red and green colours with three stars in the centre which have a number of meanings – firstly they stand for the three main ethnic groups of Burundi; Hutu, Tutsi and Twa, secondly they represent the national moto ‘Unity, Work and Progress’ and finally the stars symbolise loyalty to God, King and Country.

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