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  1. Poland Table Flag Budget
    Poland Table Flag Budget
  2. Poland table flag satin
    Poland Table Flag Satin
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  3. Poland Eagle Table Flag
    Poland Eagle Table Flag Budget
  4. Poland State Bunting
    Poland State Bunting
  5. Poland Eagle table flag satin
    Poland Eagle Table Flag Satin
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  6. Custom Poland Flag
    Custom Poland Flag
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  7. Poland Bunting
    Poland Bunting
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Buy Poland flags at theflagshop.co.uk

The flag of the Republic of Poland features two horizontal stripes, which are a lower vivid red and upper bright white, the national colours of the country. This design derives from heraldics and now with the Flag Shop, you can enjoy flying the Polish flag that has plenty of history. The Poland Flag 5ft x 3ft features the national design printed on durable polyester and has two brass eyelets for easy hanging. It is also available in a larger 8ft x 5ft flag that you can proudly hang on your walls or fly in the streets, as well as a more modest Poland Flag 3ft x 2ft that is easy to transport and fly anywhere you wish.

If you are attending an event or parade and wish to show your support to Poland by proudly fly the flag, why not check out our Poland Hand Waving Flag? With the national design printed on polyester, it is perfect for outside use and measures 18 x 12 inches and comes with a 24-inch sturdy wooden stick. This allows children and adults to have fun no matter what the event. If you have a family gathering, we also supply Poland Hand Flags in packs of 12 so everyone can join in the fun.

With the Poland Table Flag Budget, you can now proudly display the Polish national flag at events and business meetings and even pay homage to your own personal display. The table flag is made of polyester and measures 6 x 4 inches and is supplied with a plastic stick and black base, measuring 12 inches. While the flag can be used with or without the base, it makes a creative centrepiece on any surface. For a more established theme, we recommend the Poland Table Satin Flag. This luxurious flag is made with 100% satin material, which creates a classy and soft feel, as well as a colourful display at gatherings and meetings. The Polish national flag is supplied with a chrome stand and an extendable chrome pole, which can be adjusted to any height between 10 and 18 inches.

Another popular Polish flag is the national flag with the coat of arms. In addition to the red and white horizontal stripes, it features a white eagle with a crown in a red shield. This flag was first recorded in use from the 13th century and it is still used for Polish embassies, airports and as a state ensign. With the Flag Shop, you can fly the Poland State Flag 5ft x 3ft, which is a good size and is printed on quality polyester, as well as having two brass eyelets for hanging. There is also a smaller Poland State Flag 3ft x 2ft available. For an extra touch of class at any event, we recommend the Poland State Flag – Nylon. Made from 210 denier nylon fabric for added durability and vivid colouring, as well as two brass eyelets for hanging.

If you are having a street party or looking to decorate your home for celebrations, have a look at our Poland State Bunting. The Polish Flag with the Coat of Arms is printed on quality polyester and is available in 3m and 9m, sewn onto strong polyester tape to hand from fences, walls and anywhere else you desire. What better way to add colour and national spirit to your home?

For smaller and more personal decorations, the Poland Eagle Table Flag Budget is perfect. With a plastic stick and base supplied, as well as an attractive 6 x 4-inch Polish flag, you can have your own patriotic display at home or at work. There is also a Poland Eagle Table Satin Flag available, which is made from a great quality satin material with an extendable chrome pole and stand.