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Buy an Angola flag at The Flag Shop! This horizontal red and black design is topped with a yellow half gear wheel crossed by a machete and crowned with a star to symbolise socialism. The vivid colours of the Angola flag look great printed onto high quality polyester - Look out for our Angola flags for sale now.
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Buy Angola flag at The Flag Shop.

Show pride in your home country by flying the resplendent colours of the iconic Angola flag. Combining red and black horizontal stripes with the instantly recognisable machete, gear and star emblem in the centre, the flag of Angola creates a stunning eye catching display, looking superb when flown from a flagpole or draped over the shoulders during sporting events. If you are looking to create a stunning showpiece during a fete, carnival or party, why not try an Angola hand flag, an ideal portable choice for waving on the move, or if you are having an event and need to decorate a dining table or corporate desk, we have a selection of Angola table flags in budget and professional satin designs, ideal for creating a vibrant colourful display.

Angola's flag came into use at independence on November 11th, 1975. The red represents blood spilt by Angolans during their independence struggles, the black is for the continent of Africa, and in the middle of the Angola flag is the crossed cog wheel, representing workers and industry, and machete, representing the peasantry, with a gold star.

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