Bermuda Flags

Bermuda, a member of the Caribbean Community and part of the British Oversea Territory, has a bright and vibrant flag. The traditional British Red Ensign has the Union Jack in the left corner and the coat of arms of Bermuda in the lower right. At The Flag Shop, we have the Bermuda flag for sale in a range of sizes to suit you. No matter which flag you buy, you won't be disappointed by the amazing quality and durability of all of our products.
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Bermuda flags for sale at The Flag Shop.

If you are hosting a Bermuda themed event or just want to proudly fly the colours of your home country, then The Flag Shop has all the Bermuda flag options you will ever need! With the glorious coat of arms of Bermuda emblazoned on a colourful British red ensign the flag design creates a stunning display giving a vibrant impact.

The flag of Bermuda is just one of the many international flags which used a British ensign as its main design – the difference that makes this particular flag unusual is that, whilst most British Overseas Territory flags use a blue ensign (which would usually be flown on land), the Bermuda flag uses a red ensign (which would usually be flown at sea). The coat of arms shows a lion holding a shield which bears a picture of a shipwreck on a rock, along with the inscription Quo Fata Farunt (Wither the Fates Carry).

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