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The flag of Finland is also called the siniristilippu, which means ‘Blue Cross Flag’. This simple Finnish design features a blue Nordic cross on a white background, which represents Christianity. This iconic design was adopted in 1918, and has grown to become one of the most recognisable European flags. If you want to buy a Finland flag, check out the massive range of sizes and styles for sale at The Flag Shop.
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Finland is a country in Northern Europe, bordering Russia, Sweden and Norway. This nordic country is famed for icy lakes, Lapland and Angry Birds. Finland is the eighth largest country in Europe and the most sparsely populated in the EU. The flag of Finland, also known as the Blue Cross Flag dates from the beginning of the 20th century. The simple flag design features a blue Nordic cross on white background, which represents Christianity. First adopted in 1918 after the country’s independence from Russia, the flag of Finland is now one of Europe’s most instantly recognisable flags. If you’re looking to buy a Finland flag, at The Flag Shop, we have loads of Finland flags for sale; from bunting to hand waving flags, table flags and loads of other standard flags sizes, we have loads of Finland flags for sale to suit you.

Finland flags for sale at The Flag Shop

At The Flag Shop, we have a massive range of Finland flags for sale in a variety of sizes. Each flag is made from quality polyester, ensuring the blue and white colours of the Finland flag really stand out. Although polyester flags are great for outdoor use, you can ensure you get your money’s worth at We stock Finland flags in a range of standard flag sizes, including; small 3ft x 2ft flags, 3ft x 5ft flags and large 8ft x 5ft flags. No matter which size you need you won’t be disappointed by the quality or price of flags available at the The Flag Shop.

Buy Finland bunting at

If you’re looking for Finland bunting for sale, whether that be for an occasion or sporting event, out polyester bunting is ideal for decorating and showing support. Whether it be the World Cup, the Euros or Eurovision, this quality polyester bunting is ideal. We stock bunting in 3m (10 flags), 6m (20 flags) and 9m (30 flags) so no matter how much you need we can cater to you. The Finland flag also appears in our European bunting set and our World Countries bunting set.

Finland hand waving flags for sale

For showing support at a sporting event or any other occasion, our hand waving flags are the perfect choice. If you’re looking to buy a Finland hand waving flag, ours measure 45cm x 30cm and are made from quality polyester to ensure vivid colour. They are also mounted onto a wooden stick for cost effective yet strong support for your flag.

Finland table flags for sale at The Flag Shop

If you’re looking for a desk decoration or table centrepiece, why not check out our table flags for sale? You can buy a budget Finland table flag or a satin Finland table flag depending on your budget. The budget Finland table flag is made of polyester and mounted onto a plastic base, whereas the satin flag is mounted onto a chrome pole.