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Congo Brazzaville, also known as the Republic of the Congo, is a large country located in the centre of Africa, bordered by five countries - Congo Brazzaville is also part of the African Union and is often mistaken for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The flag of Congo is bright and vibrant, made up of three diagonal stripes of green, yellow and red. Although the flag was first adopted in 1959, it was the re-adopted in 1991.
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Show pride in your home country by flying the resplendent colours of the iconic Congo Brazzaville flag. Combining red, green and yellow ion a striking diagonal design, the flag of the Republic of Congo creates a stunning eye catching display, looking superb when flown from a flagpole or draped over the shoulders during sporting events. If you are looking to create a stunning showpiece during a fete, carnival or party, why not try a Congo hand flag, an ideal portable choice for waving on the move, or if you are having an event and need to decorate a dining table or corporate desk, we have a selection of Congo Brazzaville table flags in budget and professional satin designs, ideal for creating a vibrant colourful display.

The flag of Congo Brazzaville was adopted in1959 to replace the French tri-colour. The design was dropped during a regime change from 1970 to 1991 then re-adopted after the regime collapsed. The colours used are of traditional Pan-African importance - thus symbolise solidarity among all independent African states.

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