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At the Flagshop, we supply a variety of Hungarian flags for everyone around the world to enjoy. Whether you need the national flag of Hungary for sporting events, parties or another occasion, we have something for everyone.
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Hungary flags for sale at

Hungary is a medium-sized country in Central Europe, bordered by Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Austria and Ukraine. Hungary is part of the European Union, and is home to the capital city of Budapest, one of the most popular cities for tourism in the whole of Europe.Hungary is also home to the largest lake in central Europe and the largest natural grassland on the continent.

The flag of Hungary is a simple horizontal tri-colour design, featuring three equal stripes of red, white and green. Adopted in 1957, this flag is instantly recognisable, but is also often deemed similar to the flag of Bulgaria which shares the same colouring. If you’re looking to buy a Hungarian flag, we have loads of sizes and styles available at From flags to bunting, table flags to hand waving flags, you’ll be spoilt for choice thanks to our huge range of products on offer.

Buy Hungary flags

If you’re looking to buy a Hungarian flag, at have a range of high quality sizes available to tailor to your needs. From the standard flag size of 5ft x 3ft to small Hungary flags measuring 3ft x 2ft and giant 8ft x 5ft Hungary flags, we have a massive range on offer. Each flag is made from high quality polyester, so you know the vibrant green, white and red design will stand out with ease, no matter where you’re going to show your support for Hungary. From national sporting events to cultural events, you can go wrong with a flag from

Hungary bunting for sale at The Flag Shop

Bunting is a great alternative to a traditional flag, perfect for decorating garden parties and street parties to add a patriotic twist. If you’re looking for Hungary bunting for sale, look no further than The Flag Shop. We sell Hungary bunting in 10 flags (3m), 20 flags (6m) and 30 flags (9m) so you’ll find the perfect amount to help you decorate in style. Our bunting is made from quality polyester, so each individual flag will help the colour of the Hungary flag truly pop and stand out.

Hungary table flags for sale

Table flags are ideal for showing your support for a country on your desk at work, or maybe for using a centre piece for an upcoming dinner party or themed event. At The Flag Shop, we have two types of Hungary table flags for sale; budget table flags and satin table flags. If you want to buy a high-end table flag with a high quality finish, out Hungary satin table flag is mounted onto a shiny chrome base for a luxurious finish. However, if you’re looking for a table flag on a budget, we have a polyester table flag mounted onto plastic for a strong yet pocket pleasing finish.

Buy Hungary hand waving flags

For an upcoming event, make sure you invest in some of our Hungary hand waving flags to show support on the move. These quirky flags are mounted onto a tough wooden stick and made from quality polyester, meaning you get a sturdy flag without the hefty price tag.

To show your support for Hungary, why not invest in a Hungary Flag 8ft x 5ft? This flag features the horizontal tri-colour design of red, white and green, which is defined in the Hungarian Constitution. The red is supposed to stand for strength, white is for faithfulness and green symbolises hope. You can now collect this national flag in a modest Hungary Flag 5ft x 3ft and a smaller Hungary Flag 3ft x 2ft. Every flag is constructed from quality polyester and printed with vivid colours to last a long time, as well as having two eyelets for hanging up on a flagpole. What better way is there to represent Hungary?

Are you throwing a party and are looking for national decorations? Have a look at the Hungary Bunting to add colour and pride to your home, garden or local street. This bunting is available in lengths of 3,6 and 9 metres with a number of Hungarian flags sewn onto strong polyester tape to withstand the weather. Now you can show your support for Hungary whatever the occasion may be!

For a personal decoration on your office desk or for using as markers at events and business meetings, we recommend the Hungary Budget Table Flag. This features a colourful 6 x 4 inch Hungarian national flag with a black plastic stick and base for placing on surfaces. There is no better way to show your patriotic side than with a table flag! For a touch of class, you can also consider the Hungary Satin Table Flag. This accessory features the national flag printed on 100% quality satin, making a stunning colourful display at any event. The flag measures 9 x 6 inches and is supplied with a long lasting chrome stand, as well as an extendable chrome pole, which expands up to 18 inches. Colours are printed on one side with approximately 80% show through on the reverse.

If you are attending events around the country and want to show your pride for Hungary, why not check out the Hungary Hand Waving Flag? The national flag is printed on 18 x 12 inch polyester and comes with a sturdy 24 inch wooden stick for comfortable flying around by all ages. What’s more, with the Hungary Car Flag, you can show your support on the go too! This national flag measures 16 x 10 inches and is printed onto quality polyester to withstand bad weather. It is attached to a durable plastic stick with a clip for hanging easily from your car window, allowing the flag to fly proudly in the wind as you drive by.

Show your support and pride in Hungary with The Flag Shop, your number one supplier of quality flags for every occasion!