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Curacao is a picturesque Dutch Caribbean island, well-known around the world for its extensive beach coves and coral reefs rich with marine life. The design of the Curacao flag features a blue field with a horizontal yellow stripe, topped off with two large white stars, although this flag is one of the world’s lesser known designs, the vibrant colours make it truly stand out. The Curacao flag represents ‘Love and Happiness’, while the yellow stripe depicts sunshine.

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The flag of the Curacao, was designed by Martin den Dulk and winner of a competition run by the Curacao government for a new national flag and was adopted on the 2nd July 1984. The bright blue colour stands for the sea and sky, with the yellow stripe representing the glorious sun bathing the Islands. The two stars represent Curacao and Klein Curacao, but also 'Love and Happiness’.

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