Azerbaijan Flags

Azerbaijan is one of the youngest world flags, only officially being adopted in 1991 - The flag itself resembles that of Turkey, which has always been a long standing ally of Azerbaijan. The horizontal tri colour of blue, red and green looks great printed onto high quality polyester. So if you're looking for an Azerbaijan flag for sale, The Flag Shop have a range of high quality flag sizes waiting for you!
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Azerbaijan flags for sale at The Flag Shop.

If you are hosting an Azerbaijan themed event or just want to proudly fly the colours of your home country, then The Flag Shop has all the Azerbaijan flag options you will ever need! With its crescent moon design (the symbol of Islam) emblazoned on a striking blue, red and green horizontal tri-colour background, the flag of Azerbaijan creates a stunning display giving a vibrant impact.

The crescent moon emblem recalls the flag of Turkey, a long-standing ally. The points of the star represent the eight Turkic tribes of Azerbaijan. The official colours and size of Azerbaijan's flag were adopted on February 5th 1991. The blue symbolises the Turkish heritage, the red represents progress and the green is for Islam.

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