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The national flag of Cyprus came into use in 1960, after the country was proclaimed an independent state. The flag of Cyprus is one of the most instantly recognisable flags in the world, featuring a simple white field topped with a silhouette of the island’s shape which is bordered by two olive branches. The olive branches and white background work together as a symbol of peace, creating a neutral yet iconic flag design.

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Does your dull and dour party need a bit of cheering up? Cyprus flags are a superb option for giving your carnival, gala, function or celebration a blast of vibrant colour – displaying instantly recognisable shape of the island of Cyprus on a white background, the flag of Cyprus is a superb looking design and sure to catch the eye! We have a spectacular range of Cyprus flags for sale at The Flag Shop, including decorative table flags to cheer up an ordinary looking office or give a dull dining table an international flavour; hand flags to wave during sports events, or go to town with a giant length of Cyprus bunting allowing you to cover a large area with your favourite flag!

The National flag of Cyprus was officially adopted in its original form on the 16th August 1960 with two changes occurring over the years and the current design being adopted 24th April 2006. The flag was designed as a peaceful and neutral symbol in an (unsuccessful) attempt to bring peace between the Greek and Turkish communities. The design shows the entire shape of the island of Cyprus with an olive branch representing peace and harmony.

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