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Chad is a landlocked country in Central Africa, once a part of French Equatorial Africa until 1960 when it was made independent. Since then, the flag of the Republic of Chad has been used - a simple tri colour of blue, yellow and red, almost identical to the flag of Romania. If you’re looking to buy a Chad flag, The Flag Shop has loads of styles and designs for sale; from Chad hand waving flags to Chad bunting, you’ll find what you’re looking for at The Flag Shop.

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Celebrate all things European with a spectacularly vivid Chad flag. Adopted in 1959, the Chad flag is the same colours and layout as the flag of Romania – the only two countries in the world to have exactly the same design. Chad had taken issue with this in the past and asked the United Nations to intervene, but Romania steadfastly refused to change their design, so both flags stay the same to this day!

Proudly fly the Chad flag displaying the glorious blue, yellow and red tri-colour for all to see! Choose from our fabulous selection of shapes and designs, including the ever popular 5ft x 3ft flag, ideal for sports events, flag poles or festivals and galas, or perhaps you would like a smaller flag to wave on the move – then our fantastic Chad hand flags will be right up your street. Add a touch of patriotic pride to your office desk or dining area with a Chad table flag, available with budget or professional quality satin options, or make a huge impact over a large area with a length of Chad bunting measuring a whopping nine metres displaying 30 flag pennants.

Looking for Chad flags for sale? Buy online or call The Flag Shop to speak to our friendly staff on 01246 297600.