Russia Flags

The flag of Russia is a simple design, consisting of three equal horizontal stripes of white, blue and red. The flag was adopted by the Russian Federation in 1993, but was used as the flag of the Tsardom of Russia all the way back in 1696. Discover a wide range of Russian flags for sale at The Flag Shop, including; flags, bunting and hand waving flags.
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Russia flags available at The Flag Shop

At the Flagshop, we supply a variety of Russian flags for everyone around the world to enjoy. You can support Russia at upcoming sporting events and parades with the national flag, as well as celebrate the country’s history with flags of the past. Check out our Russian flag collection to find one to suit every occasion.

Show your support and pride in Russia with the large Russian Flag 8ft x 5ft. This features the three horizontal stripes of white, blue and red, which symbolise nobility, faithfulness and courage. While this flag has been used as far back as 1696, as the flag of the Tsardom of Russia, it was not officially the Russian flag until 1993. Now you can fly the national flag high with this quality 8ft x 5ft polyester design with two brass eyelets for hanging from a flagpole. This tricolour flag is also available in a modest Russia Flag 5ft x 3ft and a smaller Russia Flag 3ft x 2ft, both with vivid and bright colouring to make your display stand out.

If you would like a historic Russian flag, check out the Soviet Union Flag USSR 5ft x 3ft.  This quality polyester flag features the design of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and this was the flag used in Russia from 1923 to 1991. It has the vivid red field with a golden hammer and sickle with a star on top, representing workers, peasants and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. This flag has two brass eyelets so it is ready to hang up on a flagpole.

At the Flagshop, we also supply the Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia. Our Russia Imperial Flag 5ft x 3ftwas used from 1858 to 1917 and features the bright yellow banner with the Tsar’s emblem in the centre. This polyester flag is durable for outdoor use with eyelets for hanging high on a flagpole. In addition, there is a smallerRussian Imperial Flag 3ft 2ft available.

Now you can fly the flag of the President of Russia, with our Russian Presidential Flag 5ft x 3ft. This is a square version of the national flag, but features the Coat of Arms with a gold fringe. You often see this presidential flag flying in official offices, as well as on the President’s aircraft and automobile. We also have a smaller Russian Presidential Flag 3ft x 2ft with two brass eyelets for hanging on a flagpole. Now you can create your own royal building!

Show your support and pride in the Russia for upcoming events with The Flag Shop, your number one supplier of quality flags for every occasion!