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The Commonwealth of Nations is made up of 52 countries, mainly those that were formerly part of the British Empire. The diversity of countries in this intergovernmental organisation is huge, ranging from the richest to the poorest countries in the world, including everywhere from Cyprus to Botswana, Cameroon, England, Wales and more. The flag of the Commonwealth was adopted in 1976, and is made up of a dark blue field with a golden globe in the centre surrounded by golden spears.
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The flag of the Commonwealth was originally adopted in 1976 with a design change implemented in 2013. The design originally consisted of the Commonwealth tilted sphere symbol surrounded by 61 spears in the shape of the letter ‘C’. The number of spears has no particular relevance but represent the many alliances the Commonwealth has with the rest of the world. In 2013 the number of spears was reduced to 34. The flag is thought to have been designed with the colours and design of the European Union flag in mind.

p>Celebrate patriotic pride and show respect for the alliance of the Commonwealth with the resplendent blue and gold design of the Commonwealth flag. Whether you are attending the much loved quadrennial sports event that is the sensational Commonwealth Games where outstanding sports men and women showcase their exceptional skills in the hunt for gold and blow everyone away with their athletic prowess, or hosting an international party or event and need to decorate, a Commonwealth flag will show your love for the whole conglomerate!

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