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Want to buy a Belarus flag? Look no further than The Flag Shop for the highest quality flags available. This simple flag is a horizontal bicolor of red over green in a 2:1 ratio, with a red ornamental pattern on a white vertical stripe at the hoist. The bright colours of the Belarus flag are perfectly complimented by the polyester they are printed on, as the colours won't fade or fray even after years of use. Available in small 3ft x 2ft designs as well as the classic 5ft x 3ft size, buy a Belarus flag from The Flag Shop today.
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Show pride in your home country by flying the resplendent colours of the iconic Belarus flag. Combining red, green and white with a beautiful ornamental pattern on the left (hoist) side the flag of Belarus creates a stunning eye catching display, looking superb when flown from a flagpole or draped over the shoulders during sporting events. If you are looking to create a stunning showpiece during a fete, carnival or party, why not try a Belarus hand flag, an ideal portable choice for waving on the move, or if you are having an event and need to decorate a dining table or corporate desk, we have a selection of Belarus table flags in budget and professional satin designs, ideal for creating a vibrant colourful display.

The stunning pattern seen on the hoist side of the flag of Belarus, designed in 1917 by Matrona Markevich, is taken from traditional designs often used in woven garments and cloth. It is said to be representative of local plants and flowers. The flag was adopted in 1995 after a referendum.

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